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  1. K

    How to show samples of art photos to prospective buyers

    How do professional photographers who want to show their work to prospective buyers provide versions of the photos online, by DropBox, or email. The buyers need to see a beautiful image online, but not be able to download an image to make their own 'quality' print. I don't want to deface the...
  2. Denis de Gannes

    Delete Previews and Rebuild in LrC 10.

    I am a user since 2007 when LrC was released. Basically I normally use the basic options when using the application. I have been having problems with LrC for the past few months on my iMac 2015 5K 27” which are related to the GPU, which gets recognised by my computer automatlcally, however I...
  3. C

    Preview strategy for 27" iMac (5K)

    I made some decisions several computers & monitors ago about previews, and I'm wondering if making different choices makes sense now. What brings this to mind is that my previews file is about 80GB without any 1:1 previews (I discarded the previews.lrdata file—which AFAIK holds only the...
  4. M

    Grayed out Previews in Library mode.

    Hi. This is my first post in here. Hoping to get some insight from all of you experts! I followed Lightroom Queen's instructions on moving lightroom to a new computer. I went from a Mac to a PC and everything seemed fine. All of photos were there, matched up/synched up, etc. I am now using...
  5. R

    Where are the standard previews?

    Operating System:OS 10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.1 I've enabled the embedded previews feature to get quick access for sorting, keywording, etc. They're supposed to be replaced by standard previews during idle time but, after 20 hours or idle time, there are only a...
  6. D

    Backing up preview files

    I'm preparing to get a new computer (another MacBook Pro) and want to be sure everything carries over from Lightroom, especially since I am in the midst of a book project. I read the Lightroom Queen's "How do I move LR to a new computer?" and "Which LR files do I need to back up?", and find...