1. B

    Applying preset to a mask

    I have a number of pictures of the same scene. I would like to Mask the sky and then add a preset to highlight the sky. Is it possible to use the same preset on multiple images as a batch edit? I may use the pictures in a collage and don't want the sky to appear dramatically different in each...
  2. S

    Lightroom Version Unable to Access Files (or anything other than Camera Roll)

    Hi folks, this is my first post in this forum, and I am hoping to get some help from y'all! I recently purchased a set of presets (done on laptop) I was hoping to install in Lightroom mobile, on my iPhone (13 pro). I've done this successfully before, for context, though it was some years ago...
  3. S

    Develop module Preset previews not displaying

    Hello, Recently, my preset previews stopped displaying when I hovered over the preset. I have to click on it to see the different presets. Can you help? Thank you.
  4. G

    Library module Imported Presets appearing the Profiles section

    I've just done a clean install on Windows. Backed everything up beforehand, including all my Lightroom Presets and Profiles (noting down where they were stored). My first step after reinstalling LRC was to import Presets using the 'Import Presets' option. However, some of these Presets have...
  5. J

    Managing (new) develop presets

    I don't use develop presets much any more, but with the new features in LR I thought maybe I'd try to do more in LR rather than exporting to PS for every image. So I thought before buying new LR AI presets I should organize my old ones which look a mess. No, I don't want to throw them away...
  6. R

    How to use presets

    I am beginning to use Presets on LR Classic, v12.4. In "...Edit Like a Pro" for version 12.4, the dialogue box is the one in the attached file I've sent. It has Recommended, Premium and Yours at the top. The 2nd file I sent is what is at the top of my version 12.4 LR Classic. They differ. The...
  7. N+13

    Astrophotography Presets

    Does anyone have a recommendation for presets to help with processing nighttime sky, Milky Way and/or deep sky photos in Lightroom Classic? It will help me understand better, is this usually a suite of presets or a magical single preset that you tweak things after applying? I am NOT experienced...
  8. VictoriaJZ

    Metadata View in Library

    I am in a Library and on the R is the Metadata and there's lots of stuff that that, at this juncture [or forever] I don't care about. First, how do I get rid of a preset? I created a couple that are no good now but don't see any way to delete them OR to Save As for those I might want to update...
  9. A

    Hello Friends

    Hi, I'm Sofia. I am new here. I am a professional photographer at "Presets Factory" who grew up in France. I love to spending our days outdoors, playing and exploring. I love with nature photography and now, it is my passion. I am so much happy to join this community. Here are lots of things to...
  10. rob211

    LrC loses default raw presets in Settings>Presets

    For the second time Classic has lost all the specific camera defaults for raw settings. These are the ones you set in Settings>Presets on macOS in the latest versions (12.1) of Classic. Not the imports in the Import section. Like these...
  11. S

    Can you scroll through presets?

    Hello! I have a lot of presets I've made. I'd like to know if there is a work-around where I can scroll through presets without using the mouse. I have possible carpal tunnel in my right wrist. The down arrows don't work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  12. Ali_tom1234

    Transferring data from an old subscription

    I get the Adobe CC suite from my employer. Without notifying us, my employer ended our subscriptions and started new subscriptions for everyone. Everything I had set up in Lightroom can't be accessed (i.e. presets, photos, photo settings, etc). I can see my pictures, but can't do anything with...
  13. S

    Syncing presets in Lightroom?

    I just got a new MacBook Pro and installed Lightroom. I opened it, logged in, waited for all of my photos to sync, but none of my presets are there. I was under the impression that presets synced to the cloud with Lightroom, but it appears that isn't the case? I still have my old MacBook Pro...
  14. A

    Masks as Presets

    I am really enjoying Lightroom's new selections and masking capabilities but I am struggling to save masks as presets in a newly named group. Here's my workflow; I create a colour range mask. I name it 'All Mono but Leaves' I go to Develop/New Preset In the new window, in Preset Name I am...
  15. S

    Presets not appearing after import

    Hi there, I'm running LR 11.1 via the Adobe Cloud subscription service. I've been trying to import presets, but they're not appearing in any of my preset lists: not in the User Preset list, not in anything else. However, I do know that the presets have been imported successfully, cuz when I...
  16. summerseddy

    The Great Reinstall...

    Hi everyone, I am finally migrating over to a better system. I've been using a tiny NUC as a PC for the last 3.5yrs, and whilst I've enjoyed many features and perks it brought, it is just nowadays underpowered for many of the tasks I perform. I have a Legion 5 laptop coming tomorrow or Tuesday...
  17. kathie_1

    Using Presets in Lightroom Classic

    I'm using v 10.2 and am wanting to explore how to install and use presets in this program. I don't use PhotoShop - just happy using Lightroom. I've seen a set of presets I wouldn't mind purchasing as I've been getting into still life photography using a Lightbox. I'm thinking purchasing presets...
  18. H

    All My Presets Have Disappeared!

    All my presets were there. I was adding some more, and may have selected the wrong file, and they all disappeared. The default ones, user ones and others I had added. There is just a blank space there now. The locations where the presets are stored still show all the presets, they just don't...
  19. A

    Develop module Query over preset storage change

    Hi all! In Lightroom preferences I have always had it set as 'store presets with this catalog'. I have quite a few develop presets - these are all stored in separate folders inside 'lightroom settings/settings'. Through the years I've done the various conversions to the latest updates and these...
  20. H

    How can you delete or move User Presets?

    I have user presets that I can't delete or move. When I right click on one, the options are "Add to Favorites", "Apply on Import" or "Export". I even found the folder with the presets in Camera Raw/Settings and removed the folder. The presets are still there. I would like to consolidate them...
  21. M

    XMP Presets

    Hi I downloaded a set of presets the other day (from 'Optical Wander'). They are .xmp type files. I have tried to import them within the develop module, in varios ways, having copied them to different folders, and it always comes up with 'The preset file was the wrong type of preset' I use LR6...
  22. J

    Presets with Lightroom on iPad

    I have imported a couple of user presets from Lightroom classic for use on the iPad. When multiple presets are applied on the iPad, they overwrite each other’s settings. For example, I can apply a vignette with one preset, then apply the second to apply Split toning, and the vignette is reset...
  23. S

    Canon Camera profile & presetd

    Hi All! Please bear with me.. this maybe a little long & I hope it makes sense. I am well aware VSCO aware providing any support or updates for DESKTOP anymore. I’ve been a Nikon user all my life and updated my VSCO presets for my Nikon files before the shut down. fast for two years and I’ve...
  24. DocDJ

    can I modify my presets?

    I have a number of presets I would like to modify and save as new presets. I don't want to actually apply these presets now. LRC doesn't even let me modify the current preset (right-click image>export>specify the preset name) all options are greyed out.
  25. G

    RAW file converted to black and white on import without instruction

    Question about Lightroom 5. I've been using this software for some time. It is too old to read the raw files (RAF) from my new Fuji camera so I use the Adobe converter to convert them to DNG and then import them into LR5. Yesterday I shot an event in raw + jpeg. I used the windows 10 photos app...