1. nkawoods

    Imported Lightroom Mobile Presets Disappeared in Latest Update?

    I imported several presets that I use in Lightroom Classic on my Mac into Lightroom Mobile. Has anyone else had those disappear after the latest update to Lightroom Mobile? I suddenly have a whole new batch of Adobe Lightroom presets but all my imported and user presets are no longer there...
  2. I

    Lost ALL Presets - HELP

    I recently did a windows update and my whole computer crashed - lost everything on the hard drive! External back up drive was also connected at the time and it was wiped as well. WORST NIGHTMARE. Anyhow Dell came and reinstalled windows and I had to reinstall all my software. Installed...
  3. A

    Develop module Query over preset storage change

    Hi all! In Lightroom preferences I have always had it set as 'store presets with this catalog'. I have quite a few develop presets - these are all stored in separate folders inside 'lightroom settings/settings'. Through the years I've done the various conversions to the latest updates and these...
  4. C

    Preset help!

    So I just edited a photo so good that I wanted to save it as a preset so I won't have to keep pasting settings. However when I created the preset and I clicked create, it's not showing up under the presents section? Am I missing something or is it not working for me?