1. F

    How to create general presets for use when importing files from camera

    I am coming from LR 6.14 to LR Classic. In LR 6.14 I used a general importing preset on all uploads from the camera and then fiddled with the settings a wee bit until I was happy, new image to new image. I have prepared one recent image in the catalog that has all the desired import presets...
  2. Jay Clulow

    Can this be achieved?

    Can this be done or does a script/plugin exist to achieve this? Take a single image and have a selection of presets applied to it to review and choose the best. So you'd be either looking at a compare view between multiple styles or a quick export showing each one. I know you can preview each...
  3. J

    Preset trouble Nikon Z7 & Z6 II

    Hi everyone, I hope not to bother you with this but I really need some advice with the following: I used to photograph with a dual Nikon Z7 setup and I recently added a new Nikon Z6 II to it. I changed my dual camera setup to one Z7 and one Z6 II. I pair the Z7 with a 24-70 and the Z6 II with...
  4. C

    Develop module Old question: how to save crop

    I'd like to retain a crop ratio for longer the 5 crops remembered by the Crop tool and Develop presets don't include Crop. I saw a 10 year old post by Cletus suggesting a collection of photos with crops could be used to copy/paste. Just asking for confirmation that there aren't any easier...
  5. R

    Metadata Presets

    I like to use the Metadata Presets for addresses/locations. But i can't find a way to edit a preset. For example, I created one, but I need to delete the keywords which I inadvertently added. The only work around I've found is to select Edit, change the preset, but then I am required to give...
  6. R

    Saving a local adjustment brush movements

    Hello is there anyway to save all adjustments that I have made with the adjustment brush? Creating a brush preset only saves the values but not the area that I painted. The reason is, I wish to create a star shape with one brush and to be able to use it in the future. This works when I save the...
  7. C

    Lightroom preset is auto adjusting photos in develop

    I am new to using Lightroom. In a previous catalog i created my first preset to try and make things faster for a set of photos i was working on. i have now created a new catalog and imported a completely different set of photos for another client. After choosing and rting my photos i went to...
  8. B

    Develop module Relative Positioning and/or Crop with Graduated Filter Presets?

  9. D

    Free B&W Presets?

    Hi! Long time lurker, finally joined! I made a b&w preset that I've made available free to use if anybody is interested in trying it out it is here: Vycra SLVR Below is a before after if you're curious.
  10. AstridBr

    Export Gebruikers Voorinstellingen bewaren op externe harde schijf?

    Is it possible to save folders with my own user presets on an external harddisk (p.a. my Lacie with my LR Catalog)? I would like to use them on laptop and desktop.
  11. mantra

    apply a develop preset to many photos from library ,can I ?

    Hi i have created some smart collections related to the lenses i have used and i have created a develop preset for each lenses (just an simple example preset ->lens correction ->(adobe )profile lens well i want to apply these preset to a buch of photos , around 100 can i do from library module...
  12. Martin Cregg

    Search by Applied Preset

    I have created a presest and applied it to a number of images. Is it possible to search by the name of this present and find all images that it has been applied to?
  13. Nivin37

    Publish to Flickr & use Metadata Preset

    Hi All, First post... I am into film as well & after home developing I "scan" my B&W negs using my Canon 60D tethered to Lightroom for quick & easy import. This workflow all works very well & not only do I get to shoot film again I also able to share what I shoot. To my question. I have...
  14. P

    ETTR workflow in Develop?

    I can't seem to find this topic discussed in Victoria's superb Lightroom tome. Can someone post their workflow? Any useful presets? I'm particularly interested in using my Nikon's Exposure Bracket function to create several "overexposed" images and then to select the best one for ETTR...
  15. N+13

    Import Preset: Auto Straighten

    I created a new preset to be used automatically during import. Included is auto straighten (in crop and straighten). When I save the preset, I have not found the right box to check to include auto straighten. When I import photos, the preset works for all parameters - except for auto...
  16. T

    Anyone would know how to replicate this preset on lightroom?

    @klemenswhite • Instagram photos and videos I stumbled on this instagram profile and really liked the style of it, was wondering if anyone know how to achieve such images. He said that he uses a custom lightroom filter made by him. Thanks!
  17. E

    Preset or not?

    Is there any way to recreate this effect on a photo? or does anyone know of a preset that will achieve it? photo >>>>> Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  18. Rafi

    AutoExposure Preset

    I am a relatively new Lightroom user. I finally made the switch from Aperture and I can say I wish I had made the switch much earlier. I have a Mac running the latest version of Lightroom CC. I am trying to set up a preset to use when initially culling through a photo shoot. I know that I could...

    Graduated Filter, Radial Filter and Brush Presets

    I found some free presets for the Adjustment brush, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter. Should these presets be placed in the Develop Presets folder or the Local Adjustments folder?
  20. G

    Orange Mask Preset

    Hi Guys, So I mess around occasionally scanning old 35mm negatives. I use a Plustek scanner with Silverfast 8.0. Sometimes an orange mask is applied to a B+W image and the orange colour stays on the file. In other words it doesn't just increase the contrast like an orange filter normally would...