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  1. mantra

    Library module May I know where does lightroom store a Controlled Vocabulary ?

    Hi I would like to add a Controlled Vocabulary may I know where does lightroom store a Controlled Vocabulary ? I mean all the keywords are stored in a separated preference file or does it include and merge in a default preference file? I would like to know where does it store under windows...
  2. P

    location of user-installed plug-ins?

    I made the mistake of installing all my plug-ins in the Modules subfolder, and now I can't REMOVE any of them, per the FAQ book, p. 344, for LR 9.0. So I tried to follow this instruction, also on p. 344, to create a different folder for my user-installed plug-ins. However, selecting the...
  3. mantra

    is there a script to backup lightroom & photoshop preferences under mac osx ?

    Hi is there a script to backup and maybe restore lightroom & photoshop preferences under mac ? i run high sierra and mojave i'm worried about osx permisssion and tons of pages about how to fix osx permissions and tool like onyx i would like to know if i can simply backup zipping the...
  4. R

    Migrating to new PC .. AppData\Adobe etc...

    Just migrating to a new PC. I have installed LR Classic. Have not (yet) moved any data files etc, but they are in the on deck circle. I just want to check that its Ok to do a full copy of the AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom and AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom folders to totally over-write what...
  5. C

    Restoring plugins after preferences reset?

    To solve a problem I was having with videos displaying incorrectly, the good folks at the Adobe forum suggested I reset LR preferences, which I did and fortunately, that solved my video display problem. I had expected that my UI preferences would disappear, and I took screenshots of all of the...
  6. A

    Preferences in Light Room 6.14

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Light Room 6.14 preferences Can anyone tell me please, in preferences there is a TAB to set up an account for mobile photos ! I have not activated this, but there's a notice in bold type to say "Delete All Data" Anyone...
  7. A

    Xmp files

    In the Catalog preferences why does Adobe not have "write changes to xmp file" checked by default. It would seem this should be done for everyone.