poor performance

  1. H

    Lightroom Classic LrC Performance Breakthrough Discovery!

    Navigating the Library view just felt a bit sluggish for me today. I restarted LrC, no difference. Restarted my 2020 iMac, no difference. Optimized catalog, no difference. Then I suspected it was lag from my keyboard and sure enough, it was!! I directly connected my bluetooth keyboard to my...
  2. paulgodard

    Lightroom 11.3.1 so slow... (Mac Monterey)

    I am on the latest version on LR 11.3.1 running on MBP 2017 2.9 Ghz quad i7 with 16 GB of RAM with Monterey 12.3 (upgraded 2 months ago). I have quite a big catalogue of 50,000 images. The catalog is on my MacBookPro HD and the images are on an external 2TB USB 3 drive directly connected to the...
  3. P

    Smooth Upgrade to 9.3 - Performance Now in the Crapper

    I frankly don't understand what Adobe is up to. If they can't do proper regression testing, then they are being abusive to their customers, forcing production users into their beta testing program. This upgrade smooth, and painless. However, with this latest update, the performance is something...
  4. dbump

    Performance issues while keywording images

    I've searched here and elsewhere, and I'm seeing similar reports with no resolution, dating back to very old versions of LR. Curious if anyone here knows of a fix? When I keyword a batch of images, Lightroom gets progressively slower and slower, eventually showing a "not responding" status...
  5. Paparatzy

    Best MacBook Pro notebook build for LR Classic

    For editing in LR, I use a 2016 MacBook Pro, 1TB HD, 16GB RAM, Radeon Pro 8GB graphics card along with a Blackmagic GPU, with a DELL 34” external display attached. I leave the MacBook closed, using just the large external display. All that sounds fairly competent, but LR struggles when using...
  6. Bxbche

    Sluggish Lightroom and brush tools with new PC.

    I just completed a PC build to replace my 2010 dell laptop. I was focused on building a PC that would perform great for Photoshop and Lightroom my new PC has the following i7 6700k overclocked to 4.4 ghz (4 core / 8 threads) 64gb gskills ripjaws 5 ram ddr4 gigabyte SOC force z170...