1. rob211

    Possible plugin issues with collections in LrC 10

    Upgraded from most recent LrC to the new LrC 10. The following occurs repeatedly after several restarts of the program (and shutdowns allowing optimizing): Select Collections pane arrow and expand it. Collections show per usual. Close the arrow, hiding the collections. Select Collections pane...
  2. charleskinghorn

    Splitting my catalog between LR Classic and Lightroom on the Cloud

    I have posted this in the Adobe Support Community asking for feedback and suggestions, but I would appreciate very much any feedback from the members of this forum. Adobe ID
  3. S

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    For complicated reasons (involving a fritzed Mac and LR catalog corruption issue I and Adobe couldn't fix) I reimported my entire LR Classic photo archive into a new catalog. This got rid of my corruption issue successfully, but it messed up the link between 10,000 or so photos at Flickr and...
  4. C

    Just discovered jfriedl Facebook export plugin is dead

    For several years I've been using Jeffrey Friedl's Export to Facebook plugin to post photo albums on FB. I found it was superior to Facebook's own plugin in a number of ways. But as of August 1, 2018, it no longer works, because FB decided to kill the API it used. Bah fooey. Read it and weep
  5. A


    What plugins are you recommending to replace Nik?
  6. P

    Which plugins? Why?

    How many plugins do you use? Which ones? Why? Which ones are indispensable to your workflow? I'm trying to incorporate plugins into my workflow at this time. Phil Burton
  7. G

    Aurora export problem

    Hello all... I hope I explain this correctly. I've been using Aurora HDR pro for a few months now and i've noticed something that is driving me nuts. In the past I would export an image from the develop module to Aurora, do my thing within Aurora, and then when I clicked on ok Aurora would send...