1. T

    External Editors Jeffrey Friedll Plugins

    Hi, I would like to know if someone has the contact of Jeffrey. I have several of his plugins, and my Zenfolio one is not working correctly after several Adobe updates in the catalogue structure. I also noticed that he excuses himself for not answering on his website because he is retiring. So...
  2. D

    Flat Field Plugin for Lightroom Download

    Hi, I am using Lightroom 6 (pre 2019) and have been searching everywhere for the Flat Field DNG plugin - DNG Flat Field plug-in, does anyone have the plugin they could share with me please?
  3. Vixster

    Import Unable to import photos

    Hi I own Lr5 and use it regularly. Sometimes after using Lr5 l may export to Luminar neo and then import back into Lr. I have two issues that have occurred recently 1. I can't import anymore photo's into my Lr5? 2. Lr won't allow me to use any of the plugins or importing into Luminar Neo? I...
  4. WildVanilla

    Search and Replace Plugin: Keywords > IPTC in version 2.0.

    Hi All I'm a big fan and long-term user of @johnbeardy 's Search and Replace plugin. My main use case is to populate location data in Keywords / ~IPTC Location, and then use the Keywords > IPTC facility to copy those details to the Sublocation/ City / State/ Country fields. Just updated...
  5. R

    Lightroom Presets

    I have never used a LR Preset or Plug-in so in this area, I am a newbie. Is there a place to find a wide variety of Presets to import that are for creative purposes? I haven't been able to find what I am looking for. My goal is to find a Preset that will simulate wet plate collodion and possibly...
  6. F

    LR Classic suddenly cannot edit or delete?

    Okay, this is a puzzlement. Using Lightroom classic v11.3, updated 2 days ago. This morning I went out and took some shots, imported them in LR and did a little editing with Luminar Flex (my utility of choice) - same as I have been doing for months. While shooting, I also used an app called GPS...
  7. Sergio B.

    Using external plug-ins with LR CC

    We all know that LR CC does not support plugins such as the ones from Topaz or Nik Collection. Has anyone circumvented this problem by bringing the photo to PhotoShop, apply the desired plugin, then return to LR CC? Thank you.
  8. M

    Intro and Publishing Advice

    Greetings all, I am a still photographer now retired and beginning to publish books for my clients. I have a special high-end client that wants the leather cover, lay-flat coffee table book and about 300 best-quality, thick pages. I have over 5500 images to cull into this book, some collages...
  9. Jay Clulow

    Can this be achieved?

    Can this be done or does a script/plugin exist to achieve this? Take a single image and have a selection of presets applied to it to review and choose the best. So you'd be either looking at a compare view between multiple styles or a quick export showing each one. I know you can preview each...
  10. M

    Plugins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.3

    I currently use the old Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 (6.14) and Luminar 4 with Nik (DxO) Collection 4 on macOS Mojave. I recently downloaded the new and confusingly versioned Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.3 which is free (in AU or NZ only) but only has basic features, although you can upgrade to...
  11. Califdan

    Plugin to do math/arithmatic on metadata fields

    Hi, I found myself with a stange problem. In need to decrease the numeric portion of file name in a large number of images by a value of 1. In other words IMG1234.jpg needs to become IMG1233.jpg. As the LR plugin API does not suppoort file name manipulation in plugin's it seems that one can...
  12. rob211

    Possible plugin issues with collections in LrC 10

    Upgraded from most recent LrC to the new LrC 10. The following occurs repeatedly after several restarts of the program (and shutdowns allowing optimizing): Select Collections pane arrow and expand it. Collections show per usual. Close the arrow, hiding the collections. Select Collections pane...
  13. charleskinghorn

    Splitting my catalog between LR Classic and Lightroom on the Cloud

    I have posted this in the Adobe Support Community asking for feedback and suggestions, but I would appreciate very much any feedback from the members of this forum. Adobe ID
  14. S

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    For complicated reasons (involving a fritzed Mac and LR catalog corruption issue I and Adobe couldn't fix) I reimported my entire LR Classic photo archive into a new catalog. This got rid of my corruption issue successfully, but it messed up the link between 10,000 or so photos at Flickr and...
  15. C

    Just discovered jfriedl Facebook export plugin is dead

    For several years I've been using Jeffrey Friedl's Export to Facebook plugin to post photo albums on FB. I found it was superior to Facebook's own plugin in a number of ways. But as of August 1, 2018, it no longer works, because FB decided to kill the API it used. Bah fooey. Read it and weep
  16. A


    What plugins are you recommending to replace Nik?
  17. P

    Which plugins? Why?

    How many plugins do you use? Which ones? Why? Which ones are indispensable to your workflow? I'm trying to incorporate plugins into my workflow at this time. Phil Burton
  18. G

    Aurora export problem

    Hello all... I hope I explain this correctly. I've been using Aurora HDR pro for a few months now and i've noticed something that is driving me nuts. In the past I would export an image from the develop module to Aurora, do my thing within Aurora, and then when I clicked on ok Aurora would send...