1. J

    Third party plugins

    Hello, I had a third party plugin with a bunch of presets and I don't recall the name and I just read Aobe doesn't bring those with with new versions on photoshop. Is there a way to find old plugins?
  2. K

    Plugin problem

    I'm writing a plugin in lua. It will do various things in due course but at the moment I just want it to show filename and keywords. I have an observed text item and a button which changes the contents of that item, triggering a callback. The callback runs but fails silently when I try to read...
  3. BobRock

    Plug-in presets? Are they a thing?

    I can create presets for external editors. No Problem. But I use the Topaz Photo AI plug-in and I can't figure out how to create a preset for it (I want 360dpi and ZIP TIFF compression when I use it and have to change the defaults every time). I can create a preset for the Photo AI...
  4. nremy1984

    Recovering 'missing plugin' data/settings

    Hi everyone, I have deleted a plugin file (publish service) by mistake, but fortunately its data/settings (synchronized collections/galleries) still appear to be in Lightroom. However, I am very anxious about loosing them when re-installing the plugin (risk to lose the link between Lightroom...
  5. gegjr

    Is there still a Facebook plugin

    I have searched this forum for an answer to this question but cannot find anything. When I go to the export dialogue window and select Plugin Manager I see an old Facebook plugin I use to use. In the Plugin Manager it says it's enabled. When I click on Show in Explorer I see a facebook.lrplugin...
  6. T

    Is there a way for a plugin to write to another plugin's custom metadata fields?

    Hi there, I am new here and have been trying to write some little helper plugins for my specific workflows in managing a large archive of scanned family photos. For this, I have created a plugin that holds a lot of custom metadata fields. I now wanted to start writing another plugin that...
  7. C

    SmugMug plugin appears to truncate Titles over 64 characters in length

    I've just discovered that Titles over 64 characters in length are being truncated when the images are uploaded to SmugMug via the LR plugin written/provided by SmugMug. LR, of course, allows longer Titles, and if I enter (or edit) a Title using the SmugMug web interface, the Title can also be...
  8. E

    Plugin coders required

    In a nutshell I use Lightroom with some custom built plugins to service 100’s of surgeons databases. We have a toolbar that we need some updated coding done on for streamlining the process of tethering...
  9. Jay Clulow

    How to apply every preset and export the results.

    Hello, I'm looking to cull down my presets and what I am looking to achieve is a plugin or method of applying every preset within a set or all of them and have the image exported with the name of the preset applied either watermarked on the image or as the filename. I want to print off contact...
  10. W

    Aurora HDR 2018 not being opened

    Operating System:Windows 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic 7.0.1 I was trying to use Aurora HDR 2018 to prepare an HDR image from five images that are in Lightroom. I highlighted the five images and went to FILE > Export with Presets > Aurora 2018 >...
  11. phrank

    metadata to hashtags

    hi, i times of social media it’s more and more important to annotate images. in terms of social media to use hashtags. i’m searching for a plugin / script / app to convert automatically IPTC data like metadata like keywords, sublocation, description, headline to hashtags on export. does...
  12. L

    No Crop Plugin for Lightroom

    Hello! Does anybody know any plugin for Lightroom for making no crop square images (copied and blurred background) like InstaShot and InstaSquare for Android? Need that very much at work. Considering time a very expensive resource, exporting an image to Photoshop then copying the layer, scaling...
  13. D

    Looking for plug-in or tip to rename sequential photos

    Hello. I am scanning a collection of vintage postcards, most with messages and mailing information on one side and the image on the other. My scans result in sequential filenames that I can rename on import to LR, so that the front (picture) side is always an odd number 0001 and the...
  14. redrex

    Responsive Base Gallery for Lightroom Web Module

    Hi! Over the last year I've been working on an update to my original Base Web Gallery for Lightroom, it now works with a responsive framework so it works great on any device. It also features; AngularJS and bootstrap frameworks Checkout by email - allows client approval, client orders or a shop...
  15. B

    Exporting hierarchical keywords

    Hi is there any way to export a list including ie filename and the hierarchical keywords of the selected images? GeneralIy I use LR/Transporter (for importing and exporting) or ListView for exporting - but non of these extensions exports hierarchical keywords - only somehow flat and sorted...
  16. P

    Export to Google Photos

    I know this has popped up before. I'm trying to be able to export to Google Photos. I tried using Jeffrey Friedl's a couple of times. Is there any new solution to do this? Frustrating to have all my cell phone pictures up with Google but my 'real' photos sit. Thanks
  17. Roelof Moorlag

    Indispensable for colaboration in Lightroom mobile

    For collaboration with others in Lightroom mobile i discovered John R. Ellis his 'Any Comment' plugin very very valuable! It allows you to collect all 'likes' in stead of manual looking for them in all your sychronized collections. Any Comment Lightroom Plugin