photoshop import

  1. M

    Why use PSD vs. TIF for Photoshop round-trip editing?

    I'm curious if/when people opt for PSD instead of TIF when pulling an image of LrC to edit in Photoshop. I'm personally not using Photoshop editing a ton, so it's likely I am fine just sticking with TIF in most cases—and any fairly basic lossless/printing situations I have faced were fine with a...
  2. Steve Palmer

    Picture in Loupe different from Develop

    Hi When I work from Lightroom, export to Photoshop (PSD file), reimport, create smart preview, then re-export same file and work on it in Photoshop, finish this work I find that the Loupe view catches up with Photoshop but the develop view does not. Does anyone know how to overcome this? It's...