photoshop edits

  1. Steve Palmer

    Photos exported from LR to Photoshop showing strange behaviour when re-imported

    I have just upgraded to a MacBook M1. I can export to Photoshop (which I need to run under Rosetta due to the plugins I use). When I save the photo in Photoshop (tiff) it imports fine into LR except that the preview in Grid mode and in the navigator pain in Loupe (but not the main picture)...
  2. S

    Image edited in Photoshop not importing/stacking back into LR

    When I select an image in LR, then choose "File > Edit in Photoshop...", then edit and save the image, the edited image does not appear in LR at all (at least that I can find), and it is not stacking with the original image. If it matters, I'm starting the Photoshop round trip from within an...
  3. J

    Multiple edits in Photoshop and metadata

    There is a difference in handling of metadata conflicts in Lightroom Classic and V6 when going to and from Photoshop. I generally go to Photoshop for certain kinds of edits. My habit with V6 was to leave the file open in Photoshop in case I wanted to do some more edits. I use a metadata...
  4. H

    Lightroom Classic to Photoshop CC for editing - menus greyed out

    Selecting 'Edit in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019' from Lightroom Classic I am unable to create a duplicate layer in the layers palette. I've tried Ctrl/J plus the pop-up edit menu. Menu is greyed out. I've looked at 'Preferences' but can see no issues. Any help appreciated.
  5. S

    Losing Lr edits on a PSD/TIFF/PNG after editing in PS

    Hi, I'm Peter, I've been teaching Lr since version 1, and I know most of it inside out. There are 2 things I still can't wrap my head around, and answers didn't come from Adobe either. 1. If I have a PSD or other non-RAW file in Lightroom, I can make Lr edits on top of it. But when I then...