1. thommy

    Ps and LrC Artificial intelligence, hardware and performance

    Hi With more and more AI being used for processing images in both Photoshop and Lightroom, will it put higher demands on better GPU:s and/or CPU:s? Or is the main process being done in the cloud and where better internet bandwith is of more importance? Maybe a mix of both worlds? One example in...
  2. C

    Maximizing LR Classic Performance for DEVELOP (where vast majority of time spent, going bt photos back and forth to compare; making develop adjustment

    Hello hive-mind, The Apple Studio M1 Max vs ULTRA benchmarking articles have been rolling in. HOWEVER, the tests seem to focus on batch processes (eg, import/export) vs. Interactive function speeds where we spend most of our time (and are "chained" to the computer vs start export and walk away...
  3. thommy

    Smart Previews for performance

    Hi Is using the option to use Smart Previews when editing still valid using for performance in the develop module? In a article from Puget Systems below is stated "Oddly, with smart previews present we actually saw a performance drop on most CPUs in the new version of Lightroom. In fact, if...
  4. W

    Lightroom Not Responding and Slow

    First post! I've tried many things to speed up my LR, but it's incredibly slow. I've followed many of the settings recommendations given on various blog posts and forums, upgraded my SSD from 128GB to 500GB, paused Dropbox syncing during editing, uninstalled and reinstalled LR, and started...
  5. tspear

    Sync Speed

    After braking Cloudy desktop (I broke sync) and starting over and being more patient. :) I have a question, how fast are others seeing the sync work? I have a gigabit connection, a fast desktop and Cloudy is only using a couple percent of the CPU/GPIU, memory is only at 40% and disk is at 2%...
  6. B

    Browsing through albums is extremely slow

    A four-day long migration from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom (cloud) has finally completed after minor issues (Virtual copies and migrating to Lightroom (cloud-based)). Over 110k pictures in 900+ albums are now in sync and are ready to be worked with in the new Lightroom. Looking forward! One...
  7. S

    Another LR Classic Performance Issue

    Hi Folks: Have been a long time user of LR since v3. Love it. Recommend it. However, using LR Classic has been so difficult due to poor performance, that I no longer enjoy working with my photo collections. Latest symptom: Grouping two photos into a stack of 2 and seeing delays of approx...
  8. T

    Will LR Classic Fix Collections Performance

    Intermittently but most time get spinning circle i.e. locked up LR 6 when moving pics into a Collection. DB has 100,000+ pics in it. Don't desire or intend to break up the DB. Wondering if upgrading to LR Classic would eliminate this issue? On a fast W10 desktop with plenty of memory, disk...
  9. A

    Lightroom 6 performance

    I am running Lightroom 6.14 on a Mac mini (Late 2014) (3 Ghz Intel Core I7 with 16GB or memory). My catalog had over 250,000 photographs. The raw files and the catalog reside on an external drive so if something happens to my Mac mini, I could connect it to my laptop (I did exactly this last...
  10. M

    LR Cloud slows down Mac dramatically

    I have a problem for quite a while with slowness of LR CC on a 2019 MacBook Pro 15”, i7, 32 GB, 2TB SSD. 500 GB of operating system, paging space, etc. the catalogue is on the SSD. I’ve done all optimization steps I could find. The memory usage is 70-100%. The CPU usage is 93%. All other...
  11. Nicky3540

    Export Why Is Export Now So Slow?

    Since the latest upgrade, exporting even a single file is super slow compared to how fast it was before upgrading to 9.3. It now takes 35–40 seconds (I timed it) for the operation to complete. I have a new, fast Mac, so it's not a hardware issue. The strange thing is, the "Export n files"...
  12. P

    Smooth Upgrade to 9.3 - Performance Now in the Crapper

    I frankly don't understand what Adobe is up to. If they can't do proper regression testing, then they are being abusive to their customers, forcing production users into their beta testing program. This upgrade smooth, and painless. However, with this latest update, the performance is something...
  13. S

    Performance issues

    Hi. I have posted about this sort of issue before but i am still having problems and have noticed some things. SO basically what happens is when i;m sorting files, lightroom hangs and the disappears entirely for a second before reappearing and kicking back into action. A process called Shadow...
  14. Roelof Moorlag

    Benchmark available for testing Lightroom Classic performance on Windows computers

    Today Puget systems has made available a free benchmark for testing Lightroom Classic performance on Windows computers:
  15. Nicky3540

    Does Lr Place More Demands on Processor or Memory?

    My iMac is six-plus years old and for various reasons I decided to upgrade to a new one. I bought one with a 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and upgraded the memory to 32GB. (I also chose to get SSD storage instead of a hard drive or a Fusion drive.) I've already ordered...
  16. R

    Develop module Graphics Card for LR8.4 - is it worth it?

    Hi, I've seen several threads about LR8.4 now doing more in GPU and which graphics cards support "full" or only "basic" acceleration, etc... What I'm missing is a statement, if it's worth it? (I mean the "full" acceleration) Sure one might say this depends on the usecase, but does it really...
  17. K

    Develop module LR 5.3 gets slower and slower the more I use it

    Laptop spec: i7-8550U CPU @1.8GHZ 16GB RAM 2 x SSD (both >50% free space) Windows 10 No other software running Catalog size: 200GB, about 10k images (mix of DNG and JPG) Full size JPEG preview has been built Images on the first SSD Camera raw cache set to 40GB on the second SSD On the develop...
  18. braver

    Slow to change images with huge local storage on Windows

    I'm s huge fan of fast local and offline access to all my photos in Lr CC so always try to store all the albums locally. On the iPad Pro I manually store every album locally, and with the 1 TB storage I've been able to store all 380K photos. The albums switch at once and photos come up faster...
  19. J

    Performance Lightroom 6.14 vs. Classic CC 8.x on 2 cores?

    Hi guys and girls, I've been pondering upgrading LR 6.14 to the subscription model (Classic CC 8.1 currently) for a while now. I only have a Macbook Air with 2C/4T and I'm wondering about the performance uplift. I've only seen benchmarks on higher end platforms on, which don't...
  20. GingeraMan

    GPU Acceleration

    Now that recommended or actually useful graphics cards are becoming affordable, I just picked up a Asus GTX 1060 6GB card for my five year old PC. It seems faster although I am not sure if I am imagining things or not. PC RAM usage, of which I only have 16GB, also seems lower. Has anyone...
  21. Bart van Hattem

    Develop module Classic 7.2 still slow can't work like it should be

    OSX High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): classic 7.2 Was waiting toi this upgrade because i thought it would solve my issues. Unfortunately not. Can't use the quick develop tools, creating previews; i don't wait for it. Closing and reopening directly does show...
  22. S

    Performance Issues with Lightroom Classic

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have been experiencing really bad performance issues lately -- not exactly sure when it started but think it may have been after the CC and Classic install. It is to the...
  23. T

    How to move Velo Cache on Windows 10?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Home and Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Changing the cache location in preferences has no impact on the location of the Velo cache. On my machine, this is a huge performance hit. The C drive on...
  24. C

    LR CC Classic Develop and preview performance on 2013 Mac Pro, 2011 MacBook Pro?

    Operating System: Mac OS X 10.13.1 High Sierra Lightroom Version: LR 6 (perpetual) (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have a 6-core Mac Pro (late 2013) with the mid-level graphics option and 64 GB of RAM. LR 6...
  25. Diko

    LR Performance & SSDs

    One can always learn something new...I am new around here, can't tell if you have already discussed it, but today I stumbled upon this video about "SSD Overprovisioning", which could be LR related.