1. RonnieSue

    Need to retrieve Info on bottom in Develop Mode

    For some reason, i keep losing the bottom info in the develope mode. what's missing is the spot where you can check or uncheck whether to see the red areas when you use the spot brush. also missing is the word "DONE" when you use the spot brush. i know i've lost it before and can't figure out...
  2. M

    Filmstrip Error

    The top portion of my filmstrip disappeared the other day and I can't quite figure out how to get it back. The double-arrow utility is not an option. I shut down my computer. I turned off the software. I turned my Mac back on. I restarted Lightroom. I went into Panel (show and hide...
  3. A

    Faster workflow with panels or keybord ?

    Hi, I'm a wedding photographer, so a edit a LOT of pictures every week ! And so, I'm looking to make this work more faster. I have seen on the web two kind of "accessory" that pretend make it easier and faster. I would like to know what do you think about that. Have you try ? Does it make it...