1. R

    Moving original from old drive to new one

    Following up my wish to clean up everything, increase my storage and improve my backup strategy, I followed this article to move the original files: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/move-photos-another-hard-drive-leaving-catalog/ I followed Option 2. I had no issue until opening the catalog again...
  2. M

    Traveling drive for originals

    I use Lightroom (the Cloud version not Classic). I want to change the drive that LR saves the originals to from the static drive attached to my Mac to a traveling WD 5TB drive. I don’t want to take the existing originals with me, but merely save the new originals of photos which I take whilst...
  3. R

    Rename storage location for 'Originals'

    Is there a way to rename the storage location for 'Originals' without using the Preferences... option under Edit. This Preferences... option, does provide for setting up a new location (say to a new HDD) but then involves re-syncing photos to the new location using up significant internet...
  4. franklehnen

    Can I change the location of LRCC Originals?

    Hi all you helpful people! I'm sure the information I need is somewhere in these pages already but despite searching I didn't find it. I migrated my Classic library to CC and all went well. I kept my Classic photos on a second drive (well backed up of course), but CC just put them on my first...
  5. J

    To continue using LR CC or not?

    Operating System: macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):1.2 [ 20180131-1556-7f481f8 ] (Feb 1 2018) My aim is to find a way of storing my photos in the Adobe Cloud. I am not really convinced that CC is for me yet as it lacks some features that I find useful...