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  1. I

    Lightroom Photo Organising Nightmare

    Sorry for the dramatic post title, but this has been doing my head in for days! So my Lightroom is a little bit of a mess due to not understanding fully how it handled files for a few years when first using it. I have a number of collections and these sync with the cloud and that all seems to...
  2. G

    Creating disk space

    My first post... Hello, struggling to find some disk space. I use Apple Macs. My LR files are organised by month within years. I use multiple cameras as well as smartphone. Over 90% of the time I import both the RAW files (different file extensions) as well as the ‘matching’ JPGs. Given the many...
  3. Alastair Mclachlan

    Sort by date and merge to existing folder

    I use a date based folder structure. I used to use a subject based structure until i discovered keywords. It's possible to search by date the same way one would search for keywords, but what if you wanted to merge newly imported or exported to photoshop and reimported photos with already...
  4. O

    Starting the library over again in LR5

    Hi, I've got my photos into a bit of a mess and unorganised and having read guidance from experts such as yourself Victoria; I want to start over fresh. I haven't done much editing of any of the photos already in the library. What is the best away to reorganize and rename the folders without...