1. B

    Any way to browse the catalogue by date, without seeing thousands of photos from the same day?

    There are some days when I took thousands of photos, other days when I just took one or two. Does anyone know a good way to browse through my LrC catalogue to see just one or a few photos for each date? I know I can go to all photos and then filter by date, but then if there's a day when I just...
  2. R

    cleaning up a Lr mess that I've made

    Is there an accepted strategy for organizing into a single catalog, photos that are scattered across several catalogs, hard drives, computers, and mobile devices? I want to avoid accidentally deleting raw photos that I may have uploaded to the cloud via LR mobile. My goal is to use LrC to...
  3. A

    Workflow from iOS: Capturing Apple keywords

    Hi folks, I am working my way through a back catalog of 150k (very amateur) photos taken over the last 20 years or so. I have a workflow and a system in place by which I star-rate them (1=delete, 2=archive, 3=keep, 4=share, 5=showcase) in offline LRC (on PC). This works great for photos taken...
  4. D

    Folder numbers dont match

    Dear Lightroom user forum I hope someone can solve the issue shown and described below. In my 'folders' view the numbers of photos dont match, and when I go into my files in explorer, I cant see the 'missing ' photos. My documents E: shows 26352 photos. In this there is a folder- family my...
  5. I

    Lightroom Photo Organising Nightmare

    Sorry for the dramatic post title, but this has been doing my head in for days! So my Lightroom is a little bit of a mess due to not understanding fully how it handled files for a few years when first using it. I have a number of collections and these sync with the cloud and that all seems to...
  6. Jay Clulow

    One catalog for everything (from mobiles images to SLR etc).

    I know this is going to stir a pot with people and you're always going to get people doing things massively differently. I think this is a question where the pros might have to take a back seat on. This is more a hobbyist approach than pro. So basically in a time where cloud sync is a reality...