1. Q

    Import order based on initial filename

    Hey guys, the following problem has been haunting me for years. It is about the correct file renaming when importing images. I often take more than one photo per second. Therefore, the creation date of some files is identical as the EXIF date only goes done to the second (not to miliseconds...
  2. H

    How to name photos in Lightroom so that I will see them in the same order on a tablet in Adroid?

    How to name photos in Lightroom 3 so that I will see them in the same order on a tablet in Adroid? I ususally name my photos after having created a show in a folder at last like 2017-10-04_Lightroom_1.jpg etc. If I copy such a folder with more than 100 photos on my new tablet Samsung SM-T560...
  3. R

    Cant reorder images in a slideshow collection

    Ive started a slideshow (made a collection, clicked save slideshow which created a nested collection that seems to be a dup of its parent; no idea why it would want to do that). When I select that lower (lowest) level collection, should I not be able to reorder the images by dragging on the...
  4. mikecox

    Cannot reorder photos popup

    I've been reordering photos without a problem until now, when this message; that I've never seen before, started to pop up. The issue appears to have something to do with "the source", but what is "the source". I thought it was the location of the images, on C:, but I'm in the folder...