1. H

    OneDrive configuration with Lightroom

    Hi Community! I have accessed these forums multiple times to solve queries regarding Lightroom and for that, I want to say many thanks. I have a query regarding using OneDrive with LR for which I have not exactly been able to find an answer. I had a Microsoft 365 Personal account lying around...
  2. P

    Import Microsoft OneDrive camera roll into Lightroom just as a placeholder files?

    I'm trying to keep as much as possible in the cloud when it comes to photos from my Phone. With OneDrive my files are shown as placeholder files and only download when I want them. I was trying to copy this OneDrive folder into Lightroom but it was downloading the files. Does anyone know how I...
  3. R

    Should I put LR Catalog etc on OneDrive

    Im moving to a new PC with Win 10. I'm still struggling with its file structure. I have C: on internal SSD, and D: is internal HDD. Having just finished the LR install, I see that the catalog etc is on C:\Users\Richard\OneDrive\Pictures\Lightroom Is this counterproductive? Wouldnt I get...
  4. J

    Catalogs Cloud Catalogue Backup/Sync

    Hi Apologies as I know this has been probably been covered here before. Using Microsoft OneDrive I've recently synchronised my pictures and catalogue between my iMac and my MacBook Pro. To do this I first ensured that the file paths were identical on both computers Macintosh...
  5. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Lightroom CC + shared folders on OneDrive

    Hi, I have a question about my specific setup and whether Lightroom sync and OneDrive can work together. My wife and I each have Windows laptops and OneDrive accounts. We use shared folders on OneDrive to share files between us. Nominally I have all the "master" photographs (350GB, 90,000...
  6. R

    Library module Conflict between Classic CC and OneDrive

    I have recently noticed a problem that occurs when editing in Photoshop (using “Edit in Photoshop CC 2018…” from Lightroom). I do most of my editing in LR, rather than PS, so the error may have been around a while, but I have searched the forum and can’t find any other reference to it. The...