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  1. R

    Olympus lens profile not automatically used?

    Unlike what I have read in other messages on this LR Queen forum, the RAW files produced by my Olympus micro-four-thirds camera and its Olympus lenses do NOT indicate "i Built-in lens profile applied" at the bottom of the "Lens Corrections" panel in Lightroom. That section is blank. This is...
  2. G

    No Olympus cameras listed at Lens corrections

    Operating System: OS X 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC No Olympus cameras are listed under Lens corrections, LR shows "Unknown" even with Import, although the camera profile (Olympus ZX-2) is in the Resources folder. What can I do about that?
  3. BobT

    Olympus in-camera HDR

    I have an Olympus E-M1. It has in-camera HDR mode. If the camera is set to HDR and raw shooting mode, the camera take a number of images at varying EV adjustments then outputs two images, one is the composite HDR as a jpg and the other is a raw with 0EV adjustment, that is to say, the correct...
  4. Kkelleyinmi

    Importing from Olympus EM-1

    I am importing both Raw and JPG files to Lightroom 6 from my Olympus EM-1. This Olympus has many "Art" filters that are applied to the JPG files. However, when I import them to LR, I cannot see the effects and don't know how to find the JPG to view them. There must be a setting somewhere that...