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  1. R

    Nikon Tethering Problem

    Is anyone else having a problem tethering their Nikon Z7 camera to Lightroom Classic (Ver 9.2). I am. LR searches for the camera but can't find it. I find that strange because my PC shows the connection to the camera and I can see the files on the storage card in Windows explorer. I spoke to...
  2. B

    Import Adobe Lightroom classic: preview unavailable

    Camera: Nikon D7500 Lightroom version: Lightroom Classic version: 9.0 [ 201910151439-b660523e ] Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (10.0.18362) Nikon Transfer 2: version 2.13.3 Hello all, At the moment I cannot import some of the photos I made with my Nikon D7500. Lightroom will indicate...
  3. R

    Z7 and LR 6.1

    I picked up my new Nikon Z7 several days ago and was disappointed when I tried to upload into LR my first pictures. LR showed the Z7 connection and displayed the photo thumbnails but would not import them. I'm running LR classic perpetual 6.1 and Camera Raw 10.1 Am I doing something wrong or do...
  4. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom Classic CC Update 8.1 - Nikon Z6 support and more

    Adobe Creative Cloud has been updated to support the Nikon Z6. There are updates to Lightroom Classic CC, Camera Raw, and Bridge. Nothing for Photoshop yet but I'm sure it is on the way - and you can use ACR. The latest version of Lightroom Classic CC is 8.1. I've done a quick test on a single...
  5. eranjayne

    Tethering Nikon D750 - No Camera Detected

    I need to shoot a session tethered in a couple weeks so I'm trying to figure how to do this with my Nikon D750. From what I can gather, my camera (Nikon D750) should be compatible with the version of Lightroom that I have (the most up-to-date version), but it keeps telling me there is No Camera...
  6. mantra

    nikon d700 color and exposure jpg vs raw ,issue

    Hi i have always shoot canon 5d mark3 and 2 well i have taken some photos with a nikon d700 , the jpg looks great but the raw file the lacks of the colors and looks really very flat is there a way to import raw + jpg and have both on lightroom , and have both side by side on my monitor? in...
  7. D

    Editing Nikon NEF Raw Files

    I am using Lightroom 5.7.1 and would like to edit Nikon NEF files. When I try to import files, the NEF files do not show up in the directory to import. The files were created with a Nikon D810. Do I need an add-on or something and if so, where can I get it? Thanks, Dave
  8. K

    Tethered multiple camera

    Hi. This is my first post on these forums, although I've used Lightroom since it began. I'm working on a large headshot project for a client and need to shoot 300 headshots in 2 days. I always shoot tethered using Nikon D3s and D4. Once shots are taken, client reviews with my assistant on a...
  9. D

    Lightroom Import and Nikon D810

    Help please. I normally shoot RAW (NEF) with Nikon D810 and use LR happily up to that point. On a one off trip I wish to set camera to RAW+JPG Normal with a CF in the primary (RAW) slot as usual. I will then put an SD card in the secondary slot (JPG) While on trip I would transfer the JPG to...