nik collection

  1. Sergio B.

    Using external plug-ins with LR CC

    We all know that LR CC does not support plugins such as the ones from Topaz or Nik Collection. Has anyone circumvented this problem by bringing the photo to PhotoShop, apply the desired plugin, then return to LR CC? Thank you.
  2. Edge of Alaska

    Updating Lr & Mac OS with Free Nik already installed

    I have Mac OS Mojave on my MacBook Pro and would like to update both my OS (to Big Sur or Monterey) and Lr (10.2) to the latest and greatest. Will my previously installed free version (from Google) of Nik collection continue to still work?
  3. N

    NIK with imported catalog

    NIK collection does not find Lightroom photos that have been imported from a catalog on another computer. Error message says it cannot find the photo (located in directory of external computer/ hard drive from which the photo was imported) Is this a NIK or LR issue? Solutions?
  4. J

    Lightroom Workflow and Nik Software

    Hello, I have a question about using Lightroom and the NIK collection. When using the NIK software it creates a copy of the raw file and then when you save you have two of the same file one is the original raw and the second is the processed tiff file. What you end up with is two of the same...
  5. R

    Grouping and ungrouping control points in Nik Collection

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to Lightroom and the Nik Collection so excuse me if this is an easy question. I've been watching a lot of tutorials and have been learning about the editing suite more and more but can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere: In certain areas, for example let's say...