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    please help

    Hi I know nothing about pictures really I just take them on my phone then transfer them to laptop via usb cable. I had taken some pics on my Xperia xa1, transferred them to my geo notebook like I had done several times before without any problem. This time when I try to open the photos with...
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    what version LR do I have?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I am as new to LR as one can be. How do I know which version LR do I have on my MAC? Is there a Forum specific for very new users who have very basic questions about navigating around LR, how to display a certain page, how to...
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    Greetings from Menden, Germany

    Hi everyone, I am not a total newbie to photography but only started on LR a couple of months ago and find it daunting at times, but also very exciting. So be patient with me...and I will try and learn as much as my time allows - I work full time in an 8 to 5 job and have a family, but when...
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    Best practice for new HardDrive, fresh installation, unsorted pictures

    Unfortunately my harddrive broke the other day, without me having taken backups for some six months. Luckily I managed to save most of my pictures, including the "Lightroom"-folder containing the info for the developed pictures. All pictures are imported to my new iternal harddrive (as it's...
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    Newbie, But Coming Up to Speed Quickly

    Been off and on into photography and PS/LR for a long time. Now diving full bore into LR. Have amassed a pretty good collection of photos over the last 48 years or so, many of them slides (an LS-4000 with slide feeder on an old MBPro is buzzing behind me as I write this.) Now, I can finally...