1. G

    Hard Drive Publish Service - Tags Sync

    I recently started using the Hard Drive Publish service to send photos to an external NAS drive. After they are published to the NAS sometimes the photos get tags updated from the NAS side of things. How do I sync those metadata changes back to LR? Is this possible? Thanks, -Greg
  2. P

    The metadata for this photo has been changed by another application -

    Mac OS - Sonoma 14.0 LRc - 12.4 Just moved all my photo's to NAS (Synology 1621) , LRc catalog is on the local Mac drive. Everything seems to be operating as expected, other than the metadata warnings. The metadata status shows "changed on disk". All I do is edit in the develop module and...
  3. C

    NAS Photos Have Disappeared

    I am running LR Classic on a Mac BookPro, Ventura 13.2.1 and LR Classic 12.2. My issue is that for all the folders on my NAS drive, they have the correct photo counts, but none of the pictures are there. LR Classic reports "No Photos in Selected Folder", but if I select Show in finder, it...
  4. A

    QNAP NAS disconnecting from Lightroom while editing

    I have a problem with my QNAP NAS disconnecting from lightroom while editing. My originals are stored on the NAS and I often have to reconnect the NAS when starting up Lightroom as Lightroom does not always automatically see the NAS. Then during editing Lightroom will lose the NAS and a message...
  5. M

    Share Catalog between PCs (local and NAS location)

    Hi, i normaly use LR Classic on one PC to organize and edit my photos. I have on catalog with two main sources of images (internal hard disk and a folder on a mapped network drive from my NAS). I normally edit my photos from my local hard disk, the network drive holds the "old" photos from...
  6. pedz

    Slowness in updating metadata

    I just discovered something I thought I would share. I have the majority of my raw images off on a NAS. I'm adding Job Identifiers and it was going slow. e.g. if I had a set of 700 images for the same job, it would take so long that I would just wonder off and start watching YouTube. I had...
  7. B

    Travelling - catalogue and originals (RAW) - how to manage it?

    Hi everyone, could somebody tell to me how to correctly manage the catalogue and originals (RAW's), when I have both on the external HDD WD Elements (now 4 TB, before 2 TB) and backuped by Amazon Drive for Premium. But now I have a new NTB (Dell Inspirion 14 7000) and would like to correctly...
  8. P

    NAS and Metadata errors

    Hi I recently moved all my photos to a NAS, and I now import direct to the NAS. When I edit SOME (possibly most) of the photos, I end up with a little up arrow on the thumbnail in the filmstrip. Clicking the arrow I get the following message. I cannot figure out what the issue is. The only...
  9. C

    NAS appearing as 2 logical drives

    I recently upgraded my storage and purchased a NAS, a Synology DS920+ device. The NAS is behaving correctly in its RAID configuration. I note that Lightroom sees the NAS both as a mapped drive (\\CM-NAS\CM-NAS_Folders\), as well as a Windows assigned drive (CM-NAS_Folders N: ). In other...
  10. L

    How to, can I export, publish from Lightroom Classic to Synology Photos Files?

    My work flow ends up on a working drive M on my desktop. My working Catalogs are on my C drive backed up elsewhere on my NAS. I sync my M drive to a master folder on my Synology NAS on my local network. I curently publish from LR to Smugmug, my website using their excellext Publishing app. I am...
  11. Régis Corbet

    Secondary location for originals

    Hello, I would like to know if some of you already made investigations on the possibility to indicate Lightroom a secondary location for original images. For the moment I'm storing my Lightroom library on a fast SSD drive, and most of my originals on a RAID0 LaCie DAS. There's a mirror sync of...
  12. S

    Accessing New Asustor NAS (AS6404T) original files using Lightroom Classic

    A techie friend highly recommended storing my original photos (over 104,000) on a NAS instead of my external LaCie HDD's. So I recently purchased an Asustor AS6404T NAS with 4 bays and have set it up in a RAID 5 configuration. Using my external HDD where I store my Lightroom photos, I have...
  13. M

    Workflow for have access to the whole Lightroom catalog from the phone

    I am looking for a workflow where I have access to whole my Lightroom catalog even if I'm away from my computer. I guess it involves using some services such as Google Photos or self-hosted on NAS with services such Photo Station, or Moments. I have already my Lightroom photos folder...
  14. MacNigel

    Write Access Denied

    Hi If I choose "Edit in>Photoshop CC 2019" for an image in Lr, make some changes I can't then save the file back to the same folder on my NAS. The message is along the lines of "write access was not grated". Lr has no problems writing changes to the NAS (creating folder, moving folders etc.)...
  15. LouieSherwin

    Time Machine on a NAS revisited - not recommended

    First I must say that I love Time Machine. It is hands down the easiest backup and restore system I have ever used and I have tried many. It has saved me several times from various disk failures. Time Machine was designed for and works extremely reliably when connected to a local MacOS HSF...
  16. S

    Chosen Backup Location Doesn't Stick

    Operating System:OSX High Sierra 10.13.[3] Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: CC 2015.10.1 [ 1117303 ] A while back I set the backup location for the primary catalog to a folder on our NAS as the original on the iMac is copied to a Time Capsule. I thought...
  17. W

    Cannot import to imagfes stored on an NAs

    Operating System:Windows 10 Lightroom Version: : CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have my images stored on an QNAP NAS - 4 x 4TB drives in Raid 5 configuration. The catalog is stored...
  18. J

    Import folder naming duplication with NAS

    This has been driving me mad for a while... My images are stored on a NAS. New images are either imported from a memory card reader (copied to NAS) , or via drag-and-drop to lightroom (add to catalogue withought moving/copying) of new folders that I place in the same NAS folder structure. I...
  19. B

    Development and metadataassignment from separate computers

    From a relative to my wife I/we have got a rather large number of imagefiles (primarily scanned negs, slides and photos). Most of them show persons and places dating back to the 1940s and onwards. Now we want to 'take care' of this 'treasure' using Lightroom. I know how to 'develop' the images...
  20. E

    Changing my LR Configuration

    There are 2 G-Technology external 4TB drives that are FireWire 800 daisy chained off of a iMac 27. The 1st drive is my working drive and the 2nd drive is a backup of the 1st drive. I am on LR CC. My catalog, develop presets all sit in my Library Folder on the 1st drive. I've used this setup for...
  21. George Burrows

    Moving files to NAS

    I am moving all my photos (RAW) to a NAS soon and seek a tutorial-thanks LR CC
  22. S


    I have been using Photoshop and about couple of years ago decided to give LR a go. I have learned alot from Creative Life classes and just want to know more. Recently, my NAS drive started giving me problems so posting for help in the forum about what is the best way to move photos to...
  23. Michael Bateman

    Best Practices for NAS Centric Workflow?

    Lightroom Catalogs have to be on a local volume of course. But referenced images can go on a network drive, which is perfect when you have a lot of RAW images, etc. For my part, I sometimes run into trouble because the volume always gets mounted as "home" or "home-1" etc. which can be a problem...
  24. D

    LR Crashing trying to "import" large volume of pics from NAS

    I've hit a brick wall. . . I have about 3.5TB of photos that were on an external USB drive tied to a 7 year old iMac. . . . and just upgraded to latest, greatest iMAC and Synology NAS with two 4TB drives in RAID1. Not wanting to "move" photos off my USB Ext drive ,I copied them (outside LR)...