multiple catalogs

  1. T

    Working with a Copy of a Catalog

    Please could someone advise that this should be the correct workflow On my desktop Export as a Catalog a folder of around 9,000 photos, but only export the Previews and Smart Previews and NOT the original raw files Copy it all (around 20GB) to my laptop Make changes to the images in LR...
  2. Bill Ballard

    Catalogs Lightroom CC Catalog Question

    Operating System: Mac OS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Hello all - I have two questions: 1. When I open LR, I have been getting a warning box that says: "An error occurred when attempting to switch modules." Then a...
  3. Hali MacLaren

    Implementing a new workflow and backup system

    Hi all! I am relatively new to the forum but have been using lightroom since 2012 and I fear I have developed some VERY bad habits! I was taught to work off an external hard drive while in school so my Catalogue was always stored on there rather than my laptop. I tried a few years ago to have a...
  4. A

    Using dropbox to work on both desktop and laptop?

    Can anyone walk me through moving my most recent catalogs onto dropbox to work from them on both my iMac and MBP? I do not need all my folders on there, only the ones I am currently editing so that I can work/edit from home and on the go. I have tried a few things, but have been unsuccessful...
  5. R

    My lightroom catalogs are a disaster

    I need some major advice. As of right now I have 2 different catalogs. One is on my Mac desktop and one is on my MacBook. My catalog on my desktop is about 5 or 6 years old and my laptop is only a few years old. Each one is a mess because I made the mistake of moving things around outside of...