moving lightroom

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    Unexpected error opening catalog when I try to open a transferred catalog in LRC on new laptop

    ## long post alert## I am in the process of moving all photos and LR catalog from a very old PC to a new laptop (both Windows 10). I have Adobe CC and was running LRC (V8.2.1) on old PC. All photos and LR catalogs etc were on C Drive of PC. I followed your PDF and reorganised folder structure...
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    Move to New Computer (and New Version) -- Special Problem?

    I just downloaded LR Classic and plan to move my catalog, photos, etc. from an old Win7 machine running LR 4.1 to a new computer with Windows 10 Pro on which Classic will then be installed. I'm reading through Victoria's excellent booklet on "MOVING TO A NEW COMPUTER," but I already have a...
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    Moving Lightroom to a new laptop.

    I am new to this group/forum so please excuse any unintended goofs! I subscribe to CC's Photography module. I currently have about 20K images on an old PC. My folder hierarchy is good but has several layers of child folders within many parent folders that are themselves within quite a few top...