moving files

  1. L

    Moving LR Files to a New Hard Drive

    I need to move most of my LR photo files from several smaller drives to a new 16TB hard drive. I started moving one of the smaller folders containing 9K + files and 33 subfolders from within LR and it looks like it will take quite a while to complete. Would it be faster to move the folders...
  2. F

    Moving lightroom from mac to pc

    I have just bought a New pc. This means I have to move lightroom to the New pc. I have installed lightroom and right now I am moving all my photos. I also copied the catalog. Perhaps I have made some mistakes here, but right now there are a lot of missing photos. Is it possible to reimport...
  3. frostbytes

    Moving files?

    Because of ongoing problems with Lightroom's folder view (hello Adobe?) I've decided to reorganize the physical folder structure for my hundreds of thousands of photos. My current folder structure looks like this: YYYY-MM-DD Shoot Name x many shoots I'll be reorganizing to this format...
  4. Tim Grollimund

    iMac crashed (1TB HD), moving to Macbook Pro (500GB HD); need help

    On Monday my iMac (Early 2009, 1TB HD) crashed. It's toast. I have a Macbook Pro (2009) I need to move everything to. I used to use the Macbook while traveling. I updated LR (am using LR 4), and I have written all my photo files from the MyBook backup drive to a new Seagate external drive...
  5. Ching

    Best Way To Use Virtual Copies & Move Its File

    I recently had to work on a loaner laptop while my laptop was being fixed. When I received my laptop back, I moved new photo files over from the loaner laptop to my fixed laptop. What I realized after importing the new photo files into Lightroom and looking through them is that the virtual...
  6. George Burrows

    Moving files to NAS

    I am moving all my photos (RAW) to a NAS soon and seek a tutorial-thanks LR CC
  7. XavierB

    Move LR photos and their dev settings from a PC external drive to a Mac external drive

    I used to work my photos with LR on a PC and have a couple of years' worth of photo archives in and external drive. Now I'm using a Mac and a new drive formatted for Mac, obviously, but the issue is that on the Mac I can neither work the old photos (as a Mac can't write on a PC-formatted drive)...
  8. Cyndi25

    Grid View Stopped Working

    Lightroom 2015.6.1 was working fine for me today. Suddenly, without any warning, grid view is not available. This happened after an import. I went to a folder and found about twenty photos that had ended up in the wrong place. I highlighted them and attempted to drag them to the right place. I...
  9. O

    My Hard drives are a mess, and Aperture won't copy to new HD

    I have been using Aperture, and want to switch to LR. My Mac Hard drive is nearly full, and I have another External HD that is also full with Misc pictures not linked to Aperture Just files. I am trying to get all of my pictures in one place and organized. I was going to start by copying the...