1. J

    Library module move not work correctly

    I move a photo from folder A original folder to another folder B using using the library mode on lightroom, it asks me if I want to move the photos from one folder to another, I say yesThe problem is that the photos still exist in folder A in the library and also in folder B when they should not...
  2. R

    Deleting photos in Download folder on import

    Previously when importing photos into LR Classic from Photos from iCloud, after import, the photos in the Download folder on my hard disk were moved and therefore no longer in the Download folder. Some setting must have changed because I am using Move in LR, not Copy, however the photos remain...
  3. S

    Not able to 'MOVE' from from MAC to External SamsungT5

    I am relatively new to Lightroom Classic but not photography, I shoot in RAW and use my iPhone occasionally if I don't have my DSLR. I am currently importing all my photos from various places (a bit of a mess) to a neat and well indexed 1TB Samsung T5 External Hard Drive. I am using the...
  4. S

    Apple photo library workflow for my kids? Apple expert question (no LR)

    Hi all, I have three kids who all have personal iPhones and iPads now. As expected, the flow of photos is unstoppable. Must be a genetic disorder ;). Anyway I am deciding on a workflow for them when they run out of space on their phones. I have tried to be concise here but failed regrettably...
  5. E

    Accessing photos from previous Lightroom CC account.

    How can you get your images from a Lightroom CC cloud account, you can no longer use as you have moved between countries, to a new Lightroom CC account you have bought an annual subscription to via redemption code? That is you can no longer use your previous Adobe ID for the new subscription.
  6. D

    I have a catalogue MESS!

    i have over 300,000 photos in my catalogue. the catalogue (and backups) are on my internal HD on an IMAC. i have the photos spread over 6 or 7 hard drives, each in a folder by date. here's the problem-as i ran out of room on one external drives, i originally "squeezed" new files that i imported...
  7. franklehnen

    Can I change the location of LRCC Originals?

    Hi all you helpful people! I'm sure the information I need is somewhere in these pages already but despite searching I didn't find it. I migrated my Classic library to CC and all went well. I kept my Classic photos on a second drive (well backed up of course), but CC just put them on my first...
  8. C

    Import Moved photos from organized folders and want to go back!

    Here's the question: If I delete a previous import that I had done as a "move" import, will those photos go BACK to the folders they were in on my external hard drive? That's what I NEED them to do. Here's the story: I should have hit "add to catalog." Instead, I did "move." Now I have...
  9. JeffEllis

    Catalogs Can I move LR Classic catalog off Startup drive?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
  10. A

    import move lost all edit data

    Hello I have a question, I had a collection of photos in a catalogue. I wanted to make a new catalogue so I did did an import / move. However this did not bring over the edit history? So they are just the raw cr2s. How can I recover this?
  11. M

    Moving Lightroom Catalogs

    Hi I hate to keep betraying my ignorance. But I want to make sure I do it right. I recently migrated to a Mac Pro OS Sierra to a HP Workstation Windows 10 Pro. My Lightroom catalogs currently live in the default Pictures folder on Drive C: I would like to move them do Drive E. Is there a simple...
  12. G

    Drag to move photos not working

    Currently I seem to be unable to select and drag photos into folders – part of my normal organisation process. Sometimes when I try to drag them they rotate instead (I can undo that at least), but more typically I just end up with one photo selected instead of the whole bunch and I cannot even...
  13. Samoreen

    [BUG] Folder name not updated in Grid View after moving image

    Hi, Here's how to reproduce (Library module): 1. Change the View Options if necessary in order to add the folder name to the thumbnail in Grid View. 2. Drag and Drop an image to another folder. 3. Select the target folder. 4. The thumbnail of the newly added image still displays the folder...