move images

  1. M

    (UN)syncing or (RE)syncing to a new location

    Hi, I recently uploaded all my photos to the cloud via CC. I subsequently installed the LRC on my desktop and began to sync. I got few thousand pics in and decided I wanted them to sync to a portable hard drive instead. How can I restart this process? I see a butto that says delete all syncd...
  2. Stumped

    Moving pictures in LR

    so I imported some pics and mistakingly made a subfolder during the import - 2nd Ranch folder w/ 21 pictures. I want to get the 21 pictures into the folder w/ the 94. When I went to drag and drop the folder with the 21 photos I got the shown message below. What does it mean? What is the...
  3. hsawires

    How to export a partial catalog for some selected images/ collections from a PC to another?

    Hi, I need to know how to export a catalog for some selected images and/or folders or collections to be copied with its all adjustment and keywords, and import it into another catalog. let's say I have some photos on my laptop and I did some adjustment and keywords to some of my images. now I...
  4. Palh

    Consider moving from LR classic to LR CC and cloud services

    Hi, I spoke to adobe support yesterday, but did not get the answers I need, so I turn to your expertise. First a short description of my config. One iMac with 256gb flash disk and 4TB hdd, using Lightroom Classic with folder structure. I only use folders, so no albums or other tools for...
  5. lbeck

    How do I move photos from one catalog to another?

    I've successfully trimmed my bloated catalog from ~40K photos to about ~20K photos. Now I want to have "sub-catalogs" to reduce the size of my collections (e.g., landscapes, people, animals, etc.). How do I MOVE (not copy) photos from my main, all-inclusive catalog? I've created my first...
  6. T

    Preserving custom order in collections?

    Operating System: MacOS 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC (version 7.2) I’m working in Collections. I rearrange some images into a custom order. When I select a group of these images and drag them into a new collection, they frequently (but not always) show...