1. C

    iOS LR Mobile multiple Devices show up. How remove old devices from left Library pane?

    I use the iOS and LR Mobile camera apps and always move the pics in the direction of my Win 10 pc. They auto sync to a default folder under a default LR Device name, i.e. iPhone. works almost perfectly except for one thing. Old Devices stick when I no longer own them. I haven't found a good...
  2. braver

    Lr Mobile starts a Full Camera Roll Upload after iPhone Upgrade

    I've just upgraded to iPhone 7s from backup. Looking forward to using the 256GB to cache more photos locally! However, Lr Mobile started uploading the whole camera roll. I hope it will not lead to duplicates, but even having to wait for it to do a complete sync is a while. Do you guys see...
  3. Greg Coulombe

    Syncing LR Mobile Photos to non-LR computers?

    Hi all, I'm primarily an iOS/LR Mobile user switching over from being a pure iOS Photos user. So far it's working well for me to import my photos using Apple's SD card dongle and then move them over to LR for editing. The gap I have is how to make the edited photos available on computers other...
  4. Andy Ingham

    Hipstamatic iPhone photos - Keep styling when adding to LR mobile?

    Hi, When using LR mobile on (iPhone 6s) and adding photos from the Camera Roll, I can see photos taken with Hipstamatic and showing the Hipstamatic styling. However, when you add them into LR Mobile, they loose the Hipstamatic styling. Is there any way of keeping that styling? Whilst I'm using...
  5. R

    LR iOS and Raw/JPEG pairs

    Now that the iOS 10 beta is no longer crashing on my iPad Pro 12.9" whenever I plug in the SD card reader, I've started to test Raw import and processing. Everything looks decent so far, but one thing has me stumped: how to import the JPEG from a Raw/JPEG pair. So far, with "Photos" and "Raws"...
  6. Tinchohs

    Importing RAW files from the camera into Mobile version of Lightroom

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way through Lightroom Mobile to import a RAW image? I’m not interested in shooting RAW with the phone, but rather, every now and them – specially when traveling without a computer, I’d like to access my camera (through WIFI) and import an actual...
  7. M

    Importing into LR Mobile from an SD card

    I apologise if this is a daft/ simple question but... I use LR Mobile on my iPad and have no issues and it syncs to my Mac and visa versa .. I am going away and want to be able to take my SD card out of my camera and use an apple adapter to import into LR mobile. even if i import the pictures...
  8. braver

    Combining Multiple Mobile Downloads Folders

    Over the years with Lr Mobile, before I was able to specify the Mobile Downloads folder location, I've accumulated multiple folders for my devices in my Lr Desktop catalog. In fact, there are multiple subfolders called the same iPhone name, probably after device upgrades. How do I combine all...
  9. Dave Miller

    Stalled Lightroom App on iPad

    I'm running Lightroom CC on a Mac and want to try Lightroom Mobile on my new iPad. I've downloaded the mobile app to my iPad but cannot do anything with it since it is displaying the message "Trial Expired" and it and the app doesn’t work. Lightroom/ Photoshop are working as normal on the Mac...
  10. Roelof Moorlag

    Search added to Lightroom web

    Nice, Adobe introducing 'Technology Preview' to test new functionality, starting with search: Introducing Technology Previews and Search in Lightroom on the web
  11. Roelof Moorlag

    Indispensable for colaboration in Lightroom mobile

    For collaboration with others in Lightroom mobile i discovered John R. Ellis his 'Any Comment' plugin very very valuable! It allows you to collect all 'likes' in stead of manual looking for them in all your sychronized collections. Any Comment Lightroom Plugin
  12. mikecox

    Cannot write to following dir...

    The settings correct but Lr can't seen to go past the "Users" folder. I