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  1. nremy1984

    Workflow feasibility - struggling to get the big picture

    hi everyone, As a long-timer Lightroom 6 user, I am trying to get a sense of whether i can satisfy all my needs with/within the Adobe software for photographers. The Adobe online help articles didn't... help me do so. They are topic-specific and i feel, fail to explain the big picture well. I...
  2. Sashina

    Moving photos from Mobile 'Imported Photos': Creating new date folders in catalog

    Greetings! When importing images from an SD card or similar source, I'm fine with how Lightroom creates appropriate dated folders at time of import. That's all working smoothly for me. But when I import from Mobile (ie moving photos from my 'Samsung XXX' / Imported Photos' folder (photos taken...
  3. T

    Exported Image Compression & Wrong Colour Space from LR Mobile

    I use Lightroom Mobile quite a bit to get photos to social media, as it has in-built sharing functions that just make it all so much easier. However, recently I've been adding a lot more red to my edits and I've found that when shared to Instagram, for example, these colours are often removed or...
  4. L

    Lightroom shows missing photos and previews

    Missing photographs Over a thousand photos (mostly from my iPhone and iPad) show up as missing in my Lightroom Classic desktop catalog. I can find the photos on my iPhone, iPad and on the web but not on my desktop. I have searched my photos folder, my mobile downloads folder, my downloaded smart...
  5. M

    Custom order of photos - Sync

    I have a new collection c related on my desktop which is synced to the cloud. They are on my iPad and all ok to this point... I have then gone online on a different computer and then changed the order of the images. How do I save this custom order so that this is the order on my iPad and back on...
  6. G

    Export DNG from iPhone SE

    Mobile Operating System:IOS (Iphone SE) Desktop Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Mobile (free on Phone) I am able to take DNG photos using LR Mobile. As my Phone has a limited storage capacity (32GB), I would like to explore a way to...
  7. Sashina

    Android - still confused about storage types and limits

    Greetings! I thought I was clear on how LR Mobile uses smart previews to reduce demand on local mobile storage. I have just received a warning on LR Mobile (exclamation mark on the top right cloud symbol): You are nearing the storage limit for your account and uploading new files may not be...
  8. F

    How to sync catalogue from Mobile to Classic?

    Operating System: Mac Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2017 Hi all, My old laptop died, bought a new one and arrived today. All very exciting but realised I did not backup the latest catalogue I was using, it only lives on the cloud catalogue of Lightroom mobile...
  9. Karyn

    Gnarbox, SSD, and LR Mobile --> LR Classic?

    Operating System:iOS MBP 10.13.1, iPhone X (with the new files app working great and integration with LR Mobile), iPad Pro 11.1.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.0.1 NOTE: I cross-posted this in a different forum (Lightroom Classic) and then realized it is really a mobile...
  10. C

    What Happens to Lightroom Mobile and...

    Operating System: Mac OS 10.12 and 10.13 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC In all the discussion about Lightroom Classic CC, I must have missed the bit about the future of Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web. If/when I update to Lightroom Classic CC, what...
  11. Jonathan Clulow

    Syncing Classic with CC. My solution.

    Hi all, What I am trying to achieve here is the ability to have my entire library locally configured in Classic with access to everything via CC. This is how I have achieved this so far; Images are imported into a folder structure. This is the structure; Camera; Canon 5D Mark II/ Canon 5D...
  12. S

    LR Mobile no pop up menu in grid view

    Operating System:ios11 Lightroom Version: 3.0.0 317C4C (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem:ability to change cover photo for collection in LR Mobile has disappeared. When tap and hold on grid view photo menu does...
  13. A

    Lightroom Mobile Watermarks

    Mobile Operating System: iOS / Android Desktop Operating System: Mac Desktop Lightroom Version: Lightroom Classic Question or Description of Problem: I’m reading a lot about the latest release but I haven’t come across anything regarding the ability to add a watermark via the lightroom...
  14. OffbeatBryce

    Lightroom Mobile Flash Won't turn on in DNG mode

    I'm really confused and I'm hoping it's just me and not the app. When I take photos with .jpg the flash can be turned on and it stays on. When I switch to DNG mode the flash turns off and the flash button is not active. I can't even turn it on. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's very...
  15. GingeraMan

    Working with Canon CR2 Files on Mobile?

    Anyone know of any way to handle Canon CR2 files on a mobile? It captures and handles DNG fine, so I'm wondering if something can happen here, even if offloaded via the cloud.... Be nice if there was some CR2 to DNG converter for mobile or something although I know this is pushing even a...
  16. GingeraMan

    Samsung General Discussion (S8, Tab S High End)

    Right... well I got a Samsung S8 and WOW this is a good photographic device... That any my Samsung S2 - both with photographic quality screens and we're good to go.. so I have tethered a Canon EOS70D to the S8 via USB (wifi tethering SUCKS - this is SO much better!) and can do pretty much...
  17. D

    Which collection do new photos go to?

    Previously, I had set new photos from the the Lightroom camera to be saved to one Lr collection, and the photos from the iOS camera to be saved to a different Lr collection. Now, all are being saved to the same collection. Is there a way for me to adjust some settings to restore my previous setup?
  18. S

    Lightroom Mobile: Synching DNG files from iPhone to LR Desktop

    Hi Folks, I would appreciate any guidance or insight on the following topic. I've been using LR mobile since its launch, primarily to 'upload' collections of photos to 'LR Web'. Over the last few days, I've been experimenting with capturing DNG files on an iPhone 7+ via the LR app, and I now...
  19. B

    Managing partial LR Mobile imports

    When I do a photoshoot on the road, I import a certain number of RAW images to my iPad as a sanity check that things are going well (using those marvelously tiny iOS thumbnails as a guide to the keepers). LR Mobile is mostly getting the job done, with the exception of keywords. The problem I'm...
  20. M

    Mobile Photos & Creation Dates

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone can help me in a matter concerning creation dates in regards to mobile photos. Little Background - spent lots of time in the past correctly organizing photos in the library Photos (top folder) YYYY (folder) YYYY-MM-DD Event Name (folder) - using...
  21. Miscolo

    Deleting from phone also deletes on desktop

    Hi folks, I want to: 1. take raw photos on LR mobile for iPhone 2. sync them to my desktop for keeps 3. remove them from my phone I can't do step 3. If I delete a photo from 'Lightroom Photos' on my phone, it's removed from 'All Synced Photographs' on my desktop. I believe I'm being quite...
  22. G

    Viewing Captions in LR Mobe

    Hello! Is it possible to view captions in LR Mobile? I use the Android version 2.2.2. If so I have not been able to figure out how.
  23. ceesjw

    Cannot choose social services

    Beginning to like Lightroom Mobile, but.. sharing (from my phone with Android) only works for Instagram. When I tap a photo and select 'Share' it does not give the option window to select a service, it switches immediately to Instagram. Am I missing somthing?
  24. C

    iOS LR Mobile multiple Devices show up. How remove old devices from left Library pane?

    I use the iOS and LR Mobile camera apps and always move the pics in the direction of my Win 10 pc. They auto sync to a default folder under a default LR Device name, i.e. iPhone. works almost perfectly except for one thing. Old Devices stick when I no longer own them. I haven't found a good...
  25. braver

    Lr Mobile starts a Full Camera Roll Upload after iPhone Upgrade

    I've just upgraded to iPhone 7s from backup. Looking forward to using the 256GB to cache more photos locally! However, Lr Mobile started uploading the whole camera roll. I hope it will not lead to duplicates, but even having to wait for it to do a complete sync is a while. Do you guys see...