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  1. J


    Hi, Can anybody tell me if the Solo Mode is available in Lightroom CLOUD or Mobile. I find it annoying when working with the various tabs in Edit that I have to remember to close one before moving on to the next. Regards John
  2. R

    Keywords Created on Mobile App Do Not Sync to Desktop...

    Just searched but couldn't find this issue. Have recently started using the mobile app on iOs. Everything syncs fine up to my desktop PC and Classic - except for keywords added. I'm assuming this is deliberately not enabled but cannot see why. It would save considerable time - I often get...
  3. aces1200

    Does the mobile app work with my Lightroom Classic?

    I need to keep using Lightroom classic (I have the photography plan with 20gb cloud), but I want to be able to use the Lightroom mobile app on my phone. Can the Classic work with the mobile app? I would like to be able to view certain categories/albums from my Classic program on the mobile...
  4. P

    Lightroom mobile camera not accessible

    I have a Samsung S8 running Android version 9. If I launch Lightroom on this phone and select the camera I get a black screen with a small white camera outline near the center of the screen but I'm unable to take any photos. I've allowed all permissions. What might I be doing wrong? Thanks
  5. K

    Beginner looking for some help Please

    I recently purchased an iPad Pro 12.9 inch and purchased a subscription to the Lightroom iPad app. I set Lightroom up to import photos automatically and saw that it was importing all of my photo library. The Lightroom app says it is up to date but it only has 200 photos in the app. I have many...
  6. T

    Need to convert from lr6to classic and add mobile app for iPad Pro. How connect w existing lr catalog?

    MB Pro died and may get repaired. If not will convert to iMac for desktop workflow. In the meantime got iPad Pro for travel. Want to move to lr classic but use lr app on the road. (When is full program coming out for iPad?). How do I get existing catalog to sync. Will not have desktop until back...