1. R

    Photos linked to wrong hard drive

    I've been trying to sort out the missing photos in my LR6 catalog, and I've discovered that in some cases I've linked the photos to my backup hard drive. In other words the pathway and name is exactly as the main drive, except that the location is the backup drive. Is there an easy way to link...
  2. C

    Missing photo when Smart Preview Exists

    I'm planning on moving all my images to an external disk. In preparation for this I've gradually been creating Smart Previews for all my images. Currently 100% of my photos are stored locally. There is an issue with this however, as a photo which is genuinely missing (remember all images...
  3. B

    Collection images and Key-worded images missing

    I recently moved my images to a new drive with a new path. I used the OS (OS X 10.13.3) to make the move. Then I imported the entire batch of images to a fresh catalog. Now many of my collections are only partially populated. As well my keywords no longer bring up the images either. The images...
  4. I

    Import Missing source folder

    Operating System: Win10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 Hi all, I have been using LR without issue for a few years but just recently when I have tried to import my latest folder of photos it is not showing for me to select from the import dialogue even though it exists on...
  5. Ron Emmons

    why don't my images appear?

    Operating System:OS X 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC It seems like many people I upgraded to Classic without realizing that would delete the previous version (2015) and now most of my images don't appear in the navigator. When I try to...
  6. K

    Missing files after removal of SD card

    Would love if someone could help me out! I understand that photos will "go missing" if you move the original file but this started occurring immediately after import. I go through import as normal, everything looks good, but as soon as I remove the SD card the photos go "offline or missing"...