missing photos

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    Synced Duplicates?

    Hey there, when I am looking in my Lightroom Classic at the Catalog Panel, I can see that I have 969 Synced Duplicates that all of a sudden appeared from nowhere. I was looking it up and googled a lot but there is no definitive answer, at least from what I have seen, what these are or where...
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    Lightroom shows missing photos and previews

    Missing photographs Over a thousand photos (mostly from my iPhone and iPad) show up as missing in my Lightroom Classic desktop catalog. I can find the photos on my iPhone, iPad and on the web but not on my desktop. I have searched my photos folder, my mobile downloads folder, my downloaded smart...
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    Library module Missing photos in collections

    Operating System: Windows 10 - Business Edition Lightroom Classic version 7.1 I have a collection that I've had since 2012, in that collection are 20 sub collections. I went to look into these today because I needed certain images and all but 6 subcollections are empty they have a count of 0...