missing edits

  1. B

    Lightroom deleted thousands of photos and any edits I made in the month of April

    Hi if anyone has any solutions that would be great. All original RAW files are luckily backed up on a hard drive, but I lost every single edit I made. None of the photos are even in the lightroom catalog. I have been using lightroom for years and never had this issue. Every thing from March is...
  2. J

    No virtual copies

    I want to copy Lr4 & Lr5 photos & edits from one pc to another with Lr Classic CC. I have read the how-to posted on this site and well as talked to Adobe support. While it seems I have successfully copied photos and Lr files, the color tags, virtual copies, etc. do not display. The screen...
  3. M

    New Here, Need help please. Missing last several years of edits

    Hi There! I am trying to not freak out here as I have over 20,000 images that are due this week. I have all of my original photos but the last image in my lightroom catalog is from years ago. I have about 30 different catalogs: editorial, portraits, architecture etc. I have not confirmed that...
  4. guido.coza

    still struggle with catalog merging

    Hi Guys I still seem, not getting it right to merge my catalogs and always have the latest edits. I keep all pictures on a external drive. Now and than I move new pics from either iMac or laptop to this external drive. Than I edit/delete pics either on laptop or on iMac on this drive. On top I...