1. PNWPhotoWalks

    Migrate (again) from LrC to Lr - three related questions

    Hello. After reading the new ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Edit on the Go’ publication (which I think is great) and reviewing https://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom-cc-vs-classic-features, I’ve decided to migrate (again) from LrC to LrC. I want to migrate ~50K images. I have adequate bandwidth...
  2. J

    Cannot get newly purchased Lightroom on new computer to work with old catalog

    I have just purchased new subscription LR for new macmini and repeatedly encountered problem getting my old catalog to work. Migration seems only option presented in 6.5 and when I browse to copied over .lrcat file I put in Pictures folder I get this message "Something went wrong, The...
  3. B

    Possible to migrate Lightroom content to other Adobe ID?

    Hi, I am using Lightroom (cloud-based) with my corporate account. As I co-own the company, this is not too troublesome, however I'd like to set up a new, personal Adobe-ID and migrate my cloudy Lightroom content to this new ID. Any ideas if that is possible? (Without downloading anything.)...
  4. J

    Key Wording Options in LR CC

    I am a keen amateur picture taker. I am contemplating making the move from LR Classic to CC primarily to take advantage of the mobile benefits. I nowadays use my iPhone as my principal camera utilising several apps. I have several concerns, the first is as follows. I presently use keywords in...
  5. hhandersen

    I have messed it up (migration from Classic to Cloud)

    Hi all, I have messed it up! Didn't do as the good recommendations in the book and on this site. Thought I was smarter ... I wasn't. I wanted to take the migration slow, so I thought: I'll export a year at a time to another lightroom classic catalog and the migrate that exported catalog while...
  6. fbx33

    Migration to Lightroom from Classic failed, I think

    Sorry to bring up this must-be-tiresome problem, but I have about 28,000 photos in Classic using about 150 GB on disk. I started a migration from Classic to Lightroom day before yesterday. In doing this I did not have enough room on my Macbook Pro's internal SSD to make copies of all photos, so...
  7. steve159

    Migrating from Apple Photos; need help!

    I'd like to migrate my 85,000+ Apple Photos library to Lightroom cloud version. I did a test library of 2000 photos that worked fine with one huge snag: edited photos did not migrate. What gives?! I don't expect the edits to be editable, but I do expect to see the edited version paired with the...
  8. A

    New CC catalogue and legacy catalogues maintained on desktop version.

    Hi, I think I know the answer to this but just want to check. I am going to use LR CC for my 2020 photos onward. So will create a catalogue and storage area in the cloud. That is the easy part. However, I have several other sets of folders and catalogues on my desktop machine for which I see...
  9. P

    Aperture migration software

    https://prmac.com/release/83845 This product was mentioned in a photo list I receive. As a PC user, I'm just passing this along for Mac users. Apparently Aperture won't run on Catalina. Phil
  10. rwilson

    LIGHTROOM CC2019: How do I SAFELY relocate Lightroom to an external drive? HD FULL.

    I recently started using Lightroom version: 2.3 [ 20190502-0902-47ed471 ] (May 3, 2019) on two iMacs, a Mac iBook, and two iPhones. Prior to this, I have relied on Apple Photos, with two separate libraries that I am hoping to merge as well as numerous sources of imagery that I am hoping to...
  11. A

    How to redo catalog migration? (Completed but 0 photos migrated)

    I migrated my CC Classic Catalog after freeing enough OS_Install drive space (big complaint about having to be specifically there) and stored photos separately etc None of the photos migrated/imported upon completion. Now it says the Catalog is already migrated, how do I reset it to do it...
  12. R

    Should I put LR Catalog etc on OneDrive

    Im moving to a new PC with Win 10. I'm still struggling with its file structure. I have C: on internal SSD, and D: is internal HDD. Having just finished the LR install, I see that the catalog etc is on C:\Users\Richard\OneDrive\Pictures\Lightroom Is this counterproductive? Wouldnt I get...
  13. Aisling

    Help please - I made a mistake!

    Hi all I am completely new to the Lightroom world, and hoping someone will be able to help me. I have tried to google this, but have only found advice for people switching from Classic to CC, or looking to use both simultaneously (which seems complicated!). Basically, I signed up for the 7...
  14. F

    How to sync catalogue from Mobile to Classic?

    Operating System: Mac Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2017 Hi all, My old laptop died, bought a new one and arrived today. All very exciting but realised I did not backup the latest catalogue I was using, it only lives on the cloud catalogue of Lightroom mobile...
  15. braver

    I've been uploading everything to Lr Mobile already...

    I've been uploading everything to Lr Mobile for years. Essentially my catalog is in the cloud, with the full DNGs locally where I need them. I don't need a second copy of them. How would I migrate to the new CC?