1. J

    TRYING TO VERIFY A MAJOR BUG: Metadata stripping on export.

    In the 2.8.1 version it looks as though not all metadata is correctly exported no matter the settings in the options. I am not talking about the caption etc but all the other IPTC metadata. If I use another application to set this data on import to the ipad - If there is no caption - The...
  2. S

    Missing Camera Serial Number

    Noticed G15 serial numbers are not displayed. Other DSLR bodies are displayed. Is there a way to add the serial number info in LR 5.7?
  3. phrank

    metadata to hashtags

    hi, i times of social media it’s more and more important to annotate images. in terms of social media to use hashtags. i’m searching for a plugin / script / app to convert automatically IPTC data like metadata like keywords, sublocation, description, headline to hashtags on export. does...
  4. M

    Creating a collection by month, day but not year

    I want to create a collection by metadata date (month and date only, not year) that spans years. For example I want all photos taken on April 23 for the last 5 years. Why do you ask? I want to look at my bird photos in that way to assess migration patterns. Is there an easy way to do this...
  5. P

    How determine GPS data when DNG+JPEG labels are on files in Library Mode?

    My Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone records GPS location data in the metadata of each image. When I have taken images simultaneously in raw (DNG) and JPG format, I cannot get the metadata sidebar LR to report the GPS location data. In Library Mode, my LR CC6.9 shows a label of DNG+JPEG for each such...
  6. WildVanilla

    Locations enter as metadata or as keywords?

    Hi The subject of this post has been bugging me for ages, but I thought I'd finally try and do something about it! Ever since I've used Lightroom I've been tagging locations onto my photos in two different ways: 1. In the metadata / location box, e.g. ISO: GB, Country: United Kingdom, State /...
  7. B

    Development and metadataassignment from separate computers

    From a relative to my wife I/we have got a rather large number of imagefiles (primarily scanned negs, slides and photos). Most of them show persons and places dating back to the 1940s and onwards. Now we want to 'take care' of this 'treasure' using Lightroom. I know how to 'develop' the images...
  8. A

    How to enlarge the caption window

    When I go to write or edit a caption sometimes the window is one line and other times it randomly opens to multiple lines. It is hard to write a multi-line caption when you can only see one line at a time. I have not found a way to expand the window by menus or keystrokes. I know I am miss...
  9. Nivin37

    Publish to Flickr & use Metadata Preset

    Hi All, First post... I am into film as well & after home developing I "scan" my B&W negs using my Canon 60D tethered to Lightroom for quick & easy import. This workflow all works very well & not only do I get to shoot film again I also able to share what I shoot. To my question. I have...
  10. Osikani

    Exporting photos to show Capture Date & Time.

    I have a DSLR so I use Lightroom a bit to work. But I have a case in court which demands me to exhibit quite a number of photos ad to make them show the dates and times those photos were captured. Is there a way Lightroom can do this? Please help!
  11. L

    Add different/unique metadata on each photo?

    Hi! I have 1000+ portrait photos and I want to place the names of each and every person on the "Title" metadata. Is there a way to automate this? Thank you!
  12. Paul_DS256

    Understanding Metadata to Assign

    A few years ago I created the attached DOS BAT file to run exiftool to set the metadata of files prior to working on them in post. When I set this up I was a couple of cameras and a couple of different post programs. I now do everything in LR but still use this file. As you will see, I tried to...
  13. guido.coza

    best way of "transporting" metadata changes

    Hi all and a awesome 2017 to come I have all my pics on a mobile drive and lightroom installed on 3 different computer. The question is,: if I want to show a buddy of mine some pics and the changes I have done to it but do not want to haul my laptop around, which would be the best file format...
  14. Cuzzinbrucie

    Metadata: How are IPTC fields city, state/province, country, and ISO country code populated?

    I have imported some street view screenshots of my former residences from Google Earth. I'm using the Map module to pinpoint the GPS coordinates. In the Map module, I type in the street address, city, state, to search for the location. A little marker appears on the map on or near the specified...
  15. M

    Save Metadata vs Read Metadata?

    I made changes to a photo in Camera Raw (in Photoshop). When I right-click the image in Lightroom, I have the option to "Save Metadata to File" or "Read Metadata from File." What is the difference?
  16. S

    Lightroom 5 + Lightroom CC (2015.7) Metadata Write Errors

    Hello all, Having constant issues with both Mac Lightroom 5 and Lightroom CC (2015.7) being unable to write metadata to sidecar XMP for my RAW files. I will sync my files, then Command-S to make sure all changes have been saved, before exporting. Preferences are set to “Automatically write...
  17. A

    How to sort scanned photos by date in Lightroom

    Hi I just spent some time trying to figure out why my scanned photos don't sort by date, and I think I understand it more or less. I searched through this forum to see if this question had been answered before, and I don't think so, although obviously many people understand the issue already...
  18. Samoreen

    Any filtering plugin able to use metadata fields ignored by LR ?

    Hi, Assuming I'd like to setup a filter based on the LensID or LensIDNumber fields, LR cannot help. It merely ignores these fields (and others). Is there any plugin that is able to do that ? I tried AnyFilter but that doesn't work for these fields. Thanks in advance. PS : I have found a...
  19. L

    Export to New Catalogue by Date

    Hi guys, Run into a tricky situation and thought I'd come here for some help. I'm trying to organise an image catalogue with around 100,000 images, pulled from various folders set up by people working without asset management in mind, or indeed any knowledge of the existence of Lightroom, it's...
  20. S

    I want a better understanding of organization, use of folders and metadata in LR

    Organization is important to me. I have discovered how difficult it is to clean up a mess on a hard drive. Actually still working on that. I have tens of thousands of photos. Most without metadata. So I am working bit by bit on that. Made a mess pretty quickly on my first attempt at...
  21. F

    Metadata Has been Changed In LR

    I have noticed recently that in the upper right hand corner of my thumbnails I am getting a drop down arrow regarding saving my Metadata. I have attached a screenshot. When I click on the arrow I get the pop as shown and If I click save, the arrow goes away and then reappears. Any suggestions...
  22. JeffEllis

    Lost some EXIF data-can I restore from file without losing developments?

    I'm shooting with a drone. DJI Phantom 3 In the EXIF data we see both Altitude and GPS data. In trying to edit a basic Metadata preset I accidentally lost the Altitude and GPS on 180 files. Can I import just that selected data from original files without losing all my develop adjustments?? How?
  23. Tomas Griger

    Keywords with commas chaos

    I've found lots of duplicated keywords in my photos recently. I figured out the problem is that somehow, keywords appeared in my catalog that actually contain several keywords separated by commas. I don't know how they appeared, it could be via import from external file. This is causing a real...
  24. D

    merge metadata from jpg to dng?

    I'm in the process of switching from Picasa to Lightroom. My camera has been set to take both RAW and JPEG. In one folder I have both the RAW and JPEG files. When I import them into LR, I unchecked the option for "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos". Therefore LR shows the...