1. S

    Library module Lost metadata - need to recover

    How do I recover lost metadata - ran Topaz Gigpixel which crashed and subsequently lost all metadata for the files that were in the Gigapixel queue
  2. Kevin Sholder

    Unable to Write Metadata to files

    What would cause the inability to write keywords to a specific file? I see the following ! on some files that I recently added some keywords to. When I ask it to read the meta data from the file the keywords disappear, OK, get that. I then enter the keyword again and the ! reappears and when...
  3. B

    Library module Add metadata by just selecting different images

    Hi there, is there setting to be able to add metadata (captions, keywords) by just selecting different images in the libary module? I know, this is possible via syncronisation, but it's one step more. And, for adding keywords the sync is not so useful, because it syncs all the keywords for the...
  4. T

    "Read Metadata from File" issue

    When I select a number of photos in the "Has been changed" category and then use choose the "Read Metadata from File" option, at first the photos in question disappear from the "Has been changed" category, as you would expect, but then they immediately return. Any suggestions why this happens?
  5. F

    Anyone using JB Listview and having issues lately?

    Hi all, So I learned of JB Listview from this forum last year and bought a license last May or so. I don't need to use it often but since LR never had a list view like APerture used to back in the day, having a way to see a list of images and even edit things like Title and the like makes for a...
  6. Mr_RossDuncan

    Help needed in resolving a metadata mystery

    I am running Lr Classic version 12.0.1 on a new Dell laptop. This was purchased after some long research to make sure it was set up with sufficient Ram etc to run Lr effectively. The catalog is situated on the laptop along with the helper, previews, smart previews and data folders. The actual...
  7. R

    Metadata can't update from lowercase to uppercas

    I entered metadatas in lowercase where I'd like it to be Uppercase (example: Country: "France" instead of "FRANCE"). If I reenter it, LR classic do not take it into account. It proposes the original one "France" and even if I retype it with capital letters it does not change. Any idea ? Thanks !
  8. R

    Classic <-> CC, what sync and what does not ?

    I remember reading a thread showing what sync and what does not between LRClassic and LR Web but can't find it back. Any idea ? Thanks ;-)
  9. R

    XMP Files / workflow and backup

    I wonder if I do it right...(and already know there must be a better path...) ;) I work with one big catalog. My catalog setting is set to "Automatically write changes into XMP" (I shoot mainly Fuji RAF & Leica DNG). Catalog on external HD#1, Raw files present in my catalog are on HD#2. HD#1...
  10. R

    Copy only one metadata field to other pictures

    Hi, I think I know how to copy metadata from one picture to others...but I'd like to select only one field (ie: one metadata) and apply it to some other pictures. I can manually copy the metadata field and paste it (manually again) to another picture but can't find a way to paste to multiple...
  11. L

    Batch export with captions

    I'm creating a book with lots of photos in it. Within LR these pics have titles and/or captions filled in. I would like the exported pics to have the captions embedded, or else boxed just below. If embedded, white text. I don't need a huge selection of fonts or colours, just something not too...
  12. E

    LR Transporter not offering Import function

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I read that the LR Transporter Plugin allows you to update Metadata via a csv script so I installed it, donated to the project and registered it. So far no import option pops up. I have made sure that the plugin is in the correct plugin...
  13. paulgodard

    How to keep LR title & location metadata when posting on Instagram?

    With your help I have managed to sync images from LR classic to LR mobile. Now I am learning how to post to Instagram & FB. I looked at several tutorials on the subject but I am struggling with the metadata. 1/ It seems that the location metadata are missing in the images synced from LR classic...
  14. Reddwarf4ever

    Need to add date picture taken to JPGs need best option

    Hello many of my JPGs don’t have the date picture taken, I found a program to do this for me, with an incremental time stamp. But if I change the date in the Source files, I don’t think Lightroom will know unless I read the Metadata. If I change the published files, they could be overwritten...
  15. dfkotz

    "metadata for this photo has been changed"

    I recently relocated all of my photos to a Google Drive folder; it was a long and challenging process, but I managed to get everything in place, cross-checked the integrity of all files, and LR assures me that there are no missing photos and all DNG has been validated. However, now I'm seeing...
  16. M

    Printing contact sheets that include the IPTC data "Person Shown", "Event" and "Additional Info"

    I used Lightroom to add Metadata info to some old family photos. So the info I added to the metadata was mostly in the IPTC area. It included the file name, people shown in the photo, additional info, the event (if there was one) and the locations. I found a You Tube video that was excellent in...
  17. pedz

    Metadata plug-ins and other questions

    I'm looking for plug-ins that manipulate metadata. I know about Jeffrey Friedl's plug-ins but I think there is another that is really popular that I can't find a reference to. I'm toying with the idea of writing one but wanted to check out what is already available. I might should write a...
  18. pedz

    Slowness in updating metadata

    I just discovered something I thought I would share. I have the majority of my raw images off on a NAS. I'm adding Job Identifiers and it was going slow. e.g. if I had a set of 700 images for the same job, it would take so long that I would just wonder off and start watching YouTube. I had...
  19. Jim Lancaster

    Synching metadata between LrC and Lr (and vice versa)

    I'm currently in the midst of a fairly massive project to digitize all of my family's slides and negatives going all the way back to 1940--perhaps 10,000 images in all. My work flow is to import the new hi-res scans into Lr, then let them sync down to LrC where I can use the date plugin to...
  20. A

    Filter images based on Maker Data fields

    Hello! I have recently been doing a side-by-side comparison between two competing lenses. In the Maker Notes as shown by the "jf Metadata Viewer" plugin, they are tagged as "Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G", and "Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM" respectively. Because Lightroom doesn't parse the Maker...
  21. G

    DNG Confusion from an Experienced User

    I have used LR almost daily for 12 years and am accustomed to working with Fuji, Canon and Nikon raw files which all have sidecars that I write all edits and metadata to (besides just to the catalog). I have shot the Leica Q2 a lot lately and just shot it every day for 7 weeks in Rome and...
  22. paulgodard

    save metadata icon on all images

    Hi I don't really know what is going on but I see that the 3barsDownArrow icon is almost on all my images (65000). Even if I click on the icon with one or more images selected, it is coming back (asking to save metadata to disk). Even with new images I have recently added, it is on. As I...
  23. dfkotz

    Video - filter by size/resolution

    The 'Library' module in LR has great tools for filtering the set of thumbnails one sees in Grid mode – Text, Attribute, Metadata, etc. I'm looking for a way to filter videos by resolution (480p, 1080p, etc). LR knows the "dimension" of video files (e.g., 640x480) but I don't see any...
  24. B

    How to get Copyright from Lightroom to SmugMug?

    Just read this article and I've never put copyright in my metadata before, and thought I'd start doing it. My goal is to set Lightroom up so that future photos published from Lightroom have the Copyright embedded for 2022, but I also want to go back and apply it for all photos in smugmug. I...
  25. L

    How to change Lens description, camera description etc in Metadata

    I'm using a Leica M10. Current lenses have a 6-bit code that the camera converts to a Lens description. However this doesn't work for old lenses and non-Leica ones. I also have scanned film images where the "camera" is the scanner, and date is scanned date. It's not clear to me just how to...