1. J

    Metadata Changes to Random Images after Windows Update

    I recently updated Windows and when I opened LR after the update I have thousands of the 'metadata was changed by another application' on seemingly random images in my catalog. I store the images and LR on an external which I usually remove before updating the computer but forgot to this time...
  2. R

    Metadata Presets

    I like to use the Metadata Presets for addresses/locations. But i can't find a way to edit a preset. For example, I created one, but I need to delete the keywords which I inadvertently added. The only work around I've found is to select Edit, change the preset, but then I am required to give...
  3. Newmarket2

    What fields does LRC compare to see if metadata is in conflict?

    At some point, I wound up with almost 1,400 metadata (MD) conflicts in my 22k+ images. I did just upgrade to V10....but I don't know if that was a cause As far as I recall, I've always made metadata changes in LR - not in the original file. So, I have no idea how the conflicts arose. And...
  4. C

    LR won't use metadata created by LR

    I've been converting some TIFF files to JPGs by exporting TIFFs from LR as JPGs, keeping all metadata, and then importing the JPGs into LR. I've noticed that even if the TIFFs contain information in exif User Comment field and it's included in the exported JPGs, LR won't display it with the...
  5. I

    Library module Metadata Status - How to know what to do?

    I would appreciate some guidance on the metadata status of my images. The save XMP option is currently turned off. Should I stop worrying and just ignore the warning icons or is there an action I really ought to be taking for the benefit of my catalog. Thank you for your help. Regards
  6. H

    'Metadata changed' dialogue

    Hi, i occasionally get the following dialogue box "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?" A couple of questions: - I have the voice to either'...
  7. M

    Lightroom SQLite database binary XMP format

    Lightroom catalog is a SQLite database. Some of the metadata values are stored under Adobe_AdditionalMetadata.XMP column which is a BLOB data type. When I save this blob, it is some binary file that I have no idea how to convert to/from an editable form. According to the documentation, xmp...
  8. Brent Harsh

    Any way to filter on white balance setting?

    I'm probably strange but I want to apply a metadata filter from the grid view to limit the selection to those images with White Balance of "As Shot" - any way? Reason: I've started editing a batch of files, and realized that while my Nikon's auto WB usually does great, on this particular day...
  9. Laura Smith

    Library module What do you put in the IPTC State/Province field for the UK?

    After some Googling I gather that there is no standard for IPTC State/Province outside of the US. If you're in the UK, do you personally use it for county or for Wales, England etc? My photos with GPS coordinates get populated as Wales but I'm tempted to change them to counties to make them more...
  10. Fernando Lisboa

    Same Metadata in multiple photos

    Hi, let's explain whats happen, i don't know what change in my LR Classic, before i can select more then one photo, select METADATA(right panel) select "location" and select more then one photo and put in metadata the country for exemple, then all selected photos going to this location country...
  11. Paul_DS256

    Re: Victoria's Newsletter Topic "Lightroom Tip - Getting old photos into Lightroom"

    I'm presently undertaking this project. Based on some threads in these forums, and on the net, I've taken a modified approach to speed things up. This has been driven by the challenge of 'culling' pictures. If the old pictures are your own, then you can easily make a decision if you want to...
  12. braver

    Quickly changing the lens for selected images

    I'm shooting my Leica Ms after a break and some of the lenses are uncoded, so I switch to manual, pick a nearest lens, and often forget to switch back to autodetection when returning to the 6-bit coded lenses. As a result I have a few cards where I roughly remember when I switched the lens but...
  13. N

    Replacing an image in place with a new better scan, while retaining edits, orientation, crops, keywords, and collections?

    I have an unusual problem: I scanned a few thousand slides, and imported them into Lightroom Classic, fixed orientations, created some collections, did some edits, etc. I also retained the RAW scanner output - which isn't actually useful in Lightroom - it's scanner-specific, and LR doesn't...
  14. S

    Reading edits and updating thumbnails

    Hi again. Not an issue as such but was wondering why it is that when i open an old folder of photos lightroom displays the thumbnails of the original unedited raws and then works through reapplying edits and updating the thumbnails on the fly. Shouldn't the thumbnails already be up to date? Am...
  15. Kevin Sholder

    Library module Metadata Presets

    As I continue to add metadata presets, the list continues to grow and is becoming endless scrolling. Is there a way to organize this list so that it doesn't scroll so much? I'm thinking something like the keyword hierarchy that has neat little triangles that expand and collapse the list of...
  16. Paul_DS256


    I was loading pictures into LR CLASSIC and assigning PICK/REJECT flags. I came across one image and thought it looked like auto focus was turned off. I went looking in LR's METADATA and couldn't find anything related to my Nikon's auto focus setting. I then reviewed the MAKER NOTES for the NEF...
  17. lbeck

    Thumbnails missing - file information (sidecar?) present

    I'm doing some major modifications to my catalog (disassociating and combining libraries). My most recent edit shows FOR MISSING FILES ONLY a placeholder and indication of metadata (see attached screen capture). The bulk of the library EXCEPT for the missing files show thumbnails and metadata...
  18. hbwilliams22

    What do you include in image Title?

    I heavily use keywords, and wondering what I should be including in the image Title, if anything.
  19. E

    Metadata keeps changing, and I didn't do it :(

    Dear anyone who can possibly help ;) Here is a question that I posed to Jeffrey Friedl (who seems like a really cool guy, btw) "As far as I know, there is no Lightroom plugin to tell me specifically which metadata changes have been made to a photo. For example, Lightroom tells me that the...
  20. H

    Trying to Save Metadata (xmp), hanging on video files

    I'm trying to Save Metadata on a large number of folders and files. (My entire catalog is 130,000 images, spread over 20+ years, by month/day folders. It's a lot of folders.) Problem is, if any one of these folders contains a video file (it seems), the process hangs. There appears to be no way...
  21. braver

    Copying Lens metadata to a series of photos verbatim

    I'm often shooting with Leicas and a few lenses are not 6-bit coded, meaning you might need to set the lens metadata manually if the Leica allows for it (which excludes screenless M60 and M-D). I've just realized that one of the manual settings overrides the 6-bit coding and is sticky, so all...
  22. Jim Leask

    Create import keyword with date and time

    How do I create a keyword on import that includes the import date and time? I would like to automatically create a keyword for each import, so I can easily track each time I import photos from a card. I often import multiple cards or cards from different cameras, then want to go back to...
  23. A

    Library module Edit EXIF camera model ?

    Hello all, I shoot 35mm film with a few different cameras. Obviously, the camera make and model is not recorded... I use a software called AnalogExif which allows me to edit EXIF metadata of the scanned pictures prior importing in LR. However, being a manual operation, it can be prone to...
  24. Stephanie Booth

    "merging" metadata and photographs

    I'm currently in the process of merging back into my Lightroom catalog a few years of photos that went into Apple Photos and were put in albums, sometimes edited, over there. I've described the first part of my process here: Moving From Apple Photos to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Right now I'm...
  25. Bart van Hattem

    custum fields disappeared ?

    Hi, i used the custum fields options a lot with presets. This morning something was not working on collections. and i opend the metadata-tab to check and i can't choose the option in the drop down menu (see screenshot) to see the custum fields anymore... Whatid i do :-) ?