1. JeffEllis

    Altitude and GPS data not showing for drone raw files Lightroon+MacOS catalina

    Hi gang. A very specific problem to a limited group of people... I fly drones - DJI Phantom 4 Pro currently. Been processing those files (P3P and P4P) in Lightroom since 2014. And in the Grid view/Metadata/EXIF info the Altitude and GPS fields have always shown the data from the files - until...
  2. P

    NAS and Metadata errors

    Hi I recently moved all my photos to a NAS, and I now import direct to the NAS. When I edit SOME (possibly most) of the photos, I end up with a little up arrow on the thumbnail in the filmstrip. Clicking the arrow I get the following message. I cannot figure out what the issue is. The only...
  3. noah

    Metadata doesn't show <mixed> for conflicts?

    I have the latest v10.4 and I have an issue in the metadata, library module. When 2 or more photos are selected you should see <mixed> in fields where the info is different between the images but in my case it doesn't do this any more. Any ideas?
  4. Mr_RossDuncan

    Trouble with the Title and Caption fields in LR Classic

    I'm hoping somebody can help me with a query. I have a client that requires detailed captions and titles on supplied images. In the past I've been using the Title and Caption fields located under the Metadata tab in the Library area of LR Classic. This has worked well. I could highlight any...
  5. B

    Export Zombie default camera caption keeps returning

    My Olympus Raw and JPG files contain the default caption OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA on import into LrC (all three OM-D E-M1 versions). I usually select all, and edit the caption field to be empty. When I then export to JPG from the Raw file, the default caption returns, back from the dead somehow...
  6. S

    Which Metadata Version

    Some of my files have a message attached that says "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?". I am given the options of overwriting settings...
  7. N

    Question regarding camera metadata - how to copy?

    Hi all, When I export an image from LR to edit it in another application, e.g. Photoshop or Photomatrix, etc., the metadata of the re-imported image no longer reflects that of original image. I am trying to find out if there is a way to copy the metadata from that original image to the...
  8. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Import photos and metadata (in JSON sidecar files) from Google Takeout?

    I have exported photos taken using my various mobiles devices from Google Photos, using the Google Takeout service ( I now want to import these photos into my Lightroom catalog. Each photo (JPG) is accompanied by a sidecar JSON file which contains metadata, some of which is...
  9. DocDJ

    metadata catalog vs actually in image/XMP

    I am working with Exiftool & ImageMagick to extract & manipulate specific metadata fields from my JPG files, so I can use them to modify the images (similar to watermarking) outside LR for display with each image. I have discovered that MANY of the fields (eg; sublocation) that are available in...
  10. C

    How to tell WHICH metadata field contains the text filtered for

    If I use a filter to find photos in which "Any Searchable Field" starts with, say, "2020," how can I see all of the metadata fields that match this condition? A brute force method might be to choose "All possible items" from the dropdown menu in the metadata panel and search manually. Is...
  11. simonplantphoto

    Lightroom Changes My Captions

    Evening all, Been using Lightroom for many many years and do have a big love hate relationship with it. My workflow is something like this. Import Raw images onto HD and create 2 backups. Once the job is edited and retouched it's then transferred onto two separate HD's and the cloud. Ive...
  12. F

    No lensdata when exporting metadata in LR, other metadata OK

    Nikon D750/850 - When I export/save a photo to a jpg I want to export all metadata of the photo. I set the options in the export options page of LR to all. All metadata is exported except the data for the lens used to take the photo, like (Nikon) 24.0-120.0 mm.Happesn to all used lenses...
  13. craftysandy72

    Keep losing my metadata updates

    Hi - I'm new here and I just upgraded from Lightroom 6 to Classic this week. I'm attempting to clean up my photos, and since I want them listed by the actual created on date, I have edited the date created in the metadata tab for my photos. When I leave LRCC and return, the dates have switched...
  14. Moosehead

    Help with Message about Metadata being changed

    Question - Can you explain the reason for this message and best option to proceed? I can choose one if I understand. Thanks in advance. LRC Message - “The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or...
  15. J

    Anything similar to Lr/Transporter for extended fields?

    Hi folks, I am trying to update my archive to support Google's 'licensable' badge scheme, so I need to put a link to my T&C's in the "Copyright Info URL" IPTC field, and, where possible, a link to the image on my website. My current website is hosted by PhotoDeck and I can get the current...
  16. Tread Lightly

    But I want to show just the things I want in the Meta Data panel? – Possible?

    So I've been trying to do this for ages and that's how I've come to find this place (night platform by the way). To make my editing days all the more enjoyable I wish I didn't have to keep toggling between meta data panels. For instance I need to add model release info, location and caption...
  17. Califdan

    Save Metadata to File for DNG's does not clear the tag

    Hi, In some (not all) cases where I have a DNG file where LrC shows the down-arrow icon indicating that the metadata in LrC has changed and the change has not been copied to the file, when I click the icon (or use the menu to save metadata to file). The date/time shown in Windows/10 file...
  18. hsawires

    Catalogs metadata and editing did not exported and imported from my desktop to my laptop

    Hi, I am facing a problem. I have 2000 JPG photos on my desktop Lightroom ver.10 classic, I did some editing, rating and keywording on them. then I started to export them on a new catalog to copy them to my Laptop. I do export the whole catalogue from my desktop and when I tried to open it on...
  19. J

    Metadata Changes to Random Images after Windows Update

    I recently updated Windows and when I opened LR after the update I have thousands of the 'metadata was changed by another application' on seemingly random images in my catalog. I store the images and LR on an external which I usually remove before updating the computer but forgot to this time...
  20. R

    Metadata Presets

    I like to use the Metadata Presets for addresses/locations. But i can't find a way to edit a preset. For example, I created one, but I need to delete the keywords which I inadvertently added. The only work around I've found is to select Edit, change the preset, but then I am required to give...
  21. Newmarket2

    What fields does LRC compare to see if metadata is in conflict?

    At some point, I wound up with almost 1,400 metadata (MD) conflicts in my 22k+ images. I did just upgrade to V10....but I don't know if that was a cause As far as I recall, I've always made metadata changes in LR - not in the original file. So, I have no idea how the conflicts arose. And...
  22. C

    LR won't use metadata created by LR

    I've been converting some TIFF files to JPGs by exporting TIFFs from LR as JPGs, keeping all metadata, and then importing the JPGs into LR. I've noticed that even if the TIFFs contain information in exif User Comment field and it's included in the exported JPGs, LR won't display it with the...
  23. I

    Library module Metadata Status - How to know what to do?

    I would appreciate some guidance on the metadata status of my images. The save XMP option is currently turned off. Should I stop worrying and just ignore the warning icons or is there an action I really ought to be taking for the benefit of my catalog. Thank you for your help. Regards
  24. H

    'Metadata changed' dialogue

    Hi, i occasionally get the following dialogue box "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?" A couple of questions: - I have the voice to either'...
  25. M

    Lightroom SQLite database binary XMP format

    Lightroom catalog is a SQLite database. Some of the metadata values are stored under Adobe_AdditionalMetadata.XMP column which is a BLOB data type. When I save this blob, it is some binary file that I have no idea how to convert to/from an editable form. According to the documentation, xmp...