merging catalogs

  1. C

    Trouble merging catalogs

    Hi I have LR Classic 10.4 Release on a PC running Windows 10 Pro 21H1 OS build 19043.1237. I run LR on two computers a laptop for travel photos and a desktop for the main catalog. Following copying all my travel photos for 2020 into my main desktop, I exported the catalog for that year...
  2. D

    Merging two catalogs into a single master catalog

    Hi, I am having Lightroom 6.14 ( perpetual licence). I am confused as the to the best method to combine two catalogs into a single master catalog. One catalog has 92,000 and another has 5,000 images Can some experts help me in this regards? Thank you in advance. Dr.SV
  3. suzpax

    A Strategy Poll For Major Catalog and Image File Cleanup

    Greetings! I am suffering from analysis paralysis when it comes to finally getting my Lightroom monster under control and would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations. I have been using Lightroom since 2003 for personal images and about 8 years ago dove into photography as a living... I...
  4. Edge of Alaska

    Catalogs Main catalog and several others needed to merge

    Operating System: iMac with El Capitan & MacBook Pro with Yosemite Exact Lightroom Version: CC 2015.10 (Classic now?) I started out using Lr with my MBP and external hard drive, which held my photos and backup catalog. I always backup when leaving Lr. Since then, I’ve purchased a new iMac...
  5. guido.coza

    still struggle with catalog merging

    Hi Guys I still seem, not getting it right to merge my catalogs and always have the latest edits. I keep all pictures on a external drive. Now and than I move new pics from either iMac or laptop to this external drive. Than I edit/delete pics either on laptop or on iMac on this drive. On top I...