1. celeste

    Merge to Panorama: Is the method used for merge stored anywhere?

    There are three options: spherical, cylindrical and perspective. Is the method used from the merge to panorama written to the exif or metadata of the resulting dng file anywhere?
  2. M

    HDR Merge crashes LR

    Has anyone else experienced this? Curious to know if anyone has noticed this. I have started a report on the bug reporting url for Adobe. HDR Merging 2 raw Sony A7RIV files in latest LR Classic with any ghosting option selected causes a LR crash. It will usually finish the merge but as it...
  3. E

    Accessing photos from previous Lightroom CC account.

    How can you get your images from a Lightroom CC cloud account, you can no longer use as you have moved between countries, to a new Lightroom CC account you have bought an annual subscription to via redemption code? That is you can no longer use your previous Adobe ID for the new subscription.
  4. T

    Merging Keywords

    Dear All In order to clean up large database, i want to remove duplicates, but before (or while doing it) i need an extra feature : merging keywords of duplicate files. Real case : Original : i have some pictures in a folder / collection, tagged with keywords such as “ Project, Hotel...
  5. N

    Catalogs Rebuilding a LR catalogue from a back up

    Operating System: W10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.2 [ 1156743 ] The last task to do for completion of migration from a desktop PC that was showing signs of failing to a new laptop was to export a Lr catalogue. I had made sure all image folders were correctly linked on...
  6. Sparkysnapper

    Catalogue merge question....

    Evening all, All help much appreciated as I'm a real newbie muppet! Operating Lr cc with a subscription. I just bought a windows laptop purely for Lightroom/photography. Before this I used a mac at home for this job. I ended up with 2 catalogues when I really only wanted one. I copied the...
  7. B

    Development and metadataassignment from separate computers

    From a relative to my wife I/we have got a rather large number of imagefiles (primarily scanned negs, slides and photos). Most of them show persons and places dating back to the 1940s and onwards. Now we want to 'take care' of this 'treasure' using Lightroom. I know how to 'develop' the images...
  8. Bill Plunkett

    Catalog merge and keywords

    Greetings, I have 2 catalogs, 1 quite large with over 60,000 images and a newer one with only a few thousand. I haven't been able to find any advice about how large a catalog can be so I am going to assume that the upper limit to number of images isn't a problem. My images are extensively...
  9. Win

    Old Catalog Question

    I am putting together a complete backup plan for my family and am reviewing all of the Lightroom files that should be a part of this plan. In doing so I have "discovered" that I have two catalogs. I recall that there was something I did that resulted in this although I don't remember the...
  10. A

    Merging Catalogs II

    Hi, I also had two different catalogs on two different computers. Copied the one from laptop to desktop, had both on the desktop then. Now I imported the one (laptop) into the other (desktop), it seems to be all fine. But the imported one (laptop) is still there as a separate catalog parallel to...