merge catalog

  1. VictoriaJZ

    Figuring out how to organize and find the original photos/folders

    Still newbie but hoping by just working with LRC to learn it = slow but sure. But now I am on my MacBook Pro running Monterey and had a bunch of photos on this computer which I imported into my Catalog on the MBP and worked with. I was going to delete them to make space on the MBP and then...
  2. B

    Lightroom Classic on vacation

    Great guidance both in the main book and also the free eBook for using Lightroom Classic on a laptop on vacation - thank you. The only practical issue I find is that after merging the 'travel' catalog back onto the main computer (copying the photos to to the main library in the process)...
  3. guido.coza

    Last time, merge or import catalog

    Hi All Same old same old question, merge or import?? My main picture folder is on a external hard drive. Folder hierarchy is time based. 2017;01, 2017;02 etc. On the iMac, if I'm home I start a new folder lets say 2017;03 all pictures I'll take while home I put in there. Now I go on Safari and I...