1. T

    Import LR 10 & 11 and Windows 10: problem with PC memory management?

    Has somebody the same problem and knows what to do? I have it with LR classic 10 and now and worse with LR 11 (MS Windows 10). My PC has a AMD 24 core cpu and 128GB ram. I import raw files - e.g. more than 150 - and let LR create 1:1 previews simultaneously. During the import and especially...
  2. spikey_dave

    suggested RAM for heavy Lightroom and or Photoshop use

    Dear All, I have a 27inch iMac late 2015 that is in great shape (despite running Big Sur) and it shipped with two 4gb RAM modules so I have a total of 8gb. I can not afford to get a new machine right now but am thinking of upgrading RAM - I have occasionally seem Memory in the RED on activity...
  3. M

    LR Cloud slows down Mac dramatically

    I have a problem for quite a while with slowness of LR CC on a 2019 MacBook Pro 15”, i7, 32 GB, 2TB SSD. 500 GB of operating system, paging space, etc. the catalogue is on the SSD. I’ve done all optimization steps I could find. The memory usage is 70-100%. The CPU usage is 93%. All other...
  4. D

    LR Classic crashing

    Hello all, I've been using LR Classic on Mac OSX High Sierra but changed to a newer 27" iMac - exactly the same setup, however, only had 4GB on the new one. LR Classic just wouldn't stop crashing; once the grid was chosen, even selecting two or three photographs, crash, crash, crash. Thinking...
  5. K

    New CPU for 7-year old PC?

    Operating System:Win7 Pro 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2015.12, build 1125239 I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I don't see a forum specifically for hardware, so I posted in the forum for the version of LR I'm using. I built my rig back in 2011 — LONG...
  6. T

    LR6 W10 Locking Up in Library Module - Don't see this problem here with others.

    Searching this forum I can't find this problem I'm having with LR6 and have had for a while. It has persisted even after building a new high end PC thinking initially the old PC's CPU and/or amount of memory was the problem. Problem - when maneuvering through folders in the Library module...