memory full

  1. Jay Clulow

    Using entire RAM & crashing / Sync from CC

    Hello, My entire library was imported into Lightroom Desktop (CC). This now exists on one laptop and entirely in the cloud on a 4TB plan. I have a second laptop that I have have Classic on. It is now downloading the entire library onto that machine via Lightroom CC / Mobile. This is roughly...
  2. D

    Problem with memory and saving book

    Lightroom just crashed while I backing up the catalog. When I reopened LR, only 92 out of 240 pages the of book I'm working on have been saved. Yesterday I installed Norton Security, and soon LR was not responding and I had messages that applications didn’t have enough memory. I also...
  3. Hali MacLaren

    Implementing a new workflow and backup system

    Hi all! I am relatively new to the forum but have been using lightroom since 2012 and I fear I have developed some VERY bad habits! I was taught to work off an external hard drive while in school so my Catalogue was always stored on there rather than my laptop. I tried a few years ago to have a...
  4. N

    Unable to delete large amount of library photo information

    Dear Lightroom fans, I have 4 drive letters in Lightroom, 2 of which are 1 disk. So i tried to delete the library data, thumbnails, etc, of 1 of these. Main reason: because these thumbnails always unwantedly show up in a missing files scan. When i delete the main folder of this drive (letter)...