1. A

    Develop module Masking tool running slowly on fast machine LR11

    Hi, The new LR11 masking tool is a game changer, but I'm running into some issues. 'Select Subject' takes anywhere between 8-10 seconds each image to detect until the red overlay appears. The images aren't difficult as they are just standard engagement/wedding portraits of a couple shot almost...
  2. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    Semi-transparent brush while using Spot Removal tool?

    Whet using the Spot Removal (Heal/Clone) tool, is there any way to make it semi-transparent, like in the mask overlay of Local Adjustments, while painting, instead of that opaque white? It is sometimes quite difficult to see where the brush is being applied, especially when it has a large...
  3. Paul_DS256

    How to Hide Mask in Adjustment Brush

    I have a feeling this is operator error but I can't find an answer. When I enable the ADJUSTMENT BRUSH (just started playing with it) and paint an area, the mask appears. I make adjustments using the slider but I can't toggle off the mask to see the adjustments. When I paint, the mask is...
  4. PatrickC

    Sound when Re-sizing Brush

    Just a minor irritation; when re-sizing a minus brush, ie when holding down the Alt key, when using the [ and ] (square brackets) it plays the Windows asterisk sound. Does anybody know a) why? and b) can I stop it doing this?
  5. P

    Adjustment Brush Overlay Mask

    Masks in Photoshop can be quickly inverted. Does anyone using LR (CC) or LR6 know of a way to invert an adjustment brush overlay mask in Lightroom alone?
  6. G

    Orange Mask Preset

    Hi Guys, So I mess around occasionally scanning old 35mm negatives. I use a Plustek scanner with Silverfast 8.0. Sometimes an orange mask is applied to a B+W image and the orange colour stays on the file. In other words it doesn't just increase the contrast like an orange filter normally would...