1. RobOK

    General locations (New York, NY) to show on Maps module?

    Hello, I have not been geo-tagging (despite previous great tips here), but I have whole folders or collections which I know at a minimum the City and State if not more precise locations. I edited the EXIF locations, for this example, to be New York, NY in City and State respectively. But they...
  2. M

    Show currently selected image(s) on MAP view - is there a quick way to move map?

    I'm working with my historic images as I've just migrated to Lightroom C and have images from all over the place When I have a a few images selected, if I switch to Map mode, it takes me to an area I've been previously - and so often doesn't show the area of the currently selected image(s). I...
  3. F

    Odd (and rather minor) glitch in latest LRC - applying GPS coordinates in Maps module

    So this is just weird - in the Maps module when I apply GPS coordinates from a GPX file that I downloaded from an app, LR has been displaying the message "no photos matched" (or words to that effect. At first, I thought that my camera's clock was set wrong, but that was not the case. But then I...
  4. RobOK

    How to copy Geo Location data among photos - possible? Best Practices?

    I shoot with a Nikon Z6 and have never gotten the geo data sync to work (always afraid it would run down camera or phone battery). I do often take iphone photos which i sync to LR Mobile on my phone, those carry geo spatial data. 1. Is there a way, or is it even a good idea to try and copy...
  5. C

    Map going offline and not reloading

    Greetings! For my first post... I'm been having an issue with the Map module in Lightroom CC. It is continuously going offline and not allowing me to move/drop/relocate images. When it finally lets me place an image, it will not allow me to move the map, pan in or out, etc. and just goes back...