1. P

    Why can I not see folder names in LR 10.1 on MacOS?

    Hi all. Tearing my hair out here. I have LR 10.1, and my photos are on an external drive. On the drive, they are classed in folders according to what I was actually photographing that day. So, 'Honeymoon', 'Paris_2013', 'Family', 'Grandparents', 'Bicycles' etc. During one of my imports, I...
  2. S

    LrC 10.1 Mac: navigating in film strip not sync'ed to grid (and vice versa)

    Hey all, I haven't done LR work for a couple of months, but I did install the updates from time to time. I'm on 10.1 now (Mac) and today I wanted to do some library work. I encountered a weird issue while browsing some folders. The issue: Normally, when I select a photo in the film strip, that...
  3. P

    Another perspective on the upcoming Apple transition to ARM CPUs for new systems Phil
  4. S

    LR gets creation date/time wrong on import

    After importing a bunch of iPhone photos into LR classic on my Mac Pro running High Sierra, I discovered that tens out of 350 photos had the wrong creation date/time. My version was 9.0 so I upgraded to 9.1: same issue. Then I tried a vintage LR5 version: same issue. All three LR versions...
  5. Gerry G

    Lightroom Classic, with MAC Catalina, can't move folders.

    If I try to move folders it just blinks and doesn't move. I can move individual photos though. So in order to move a folder, I select all photos, then right-click on the master folder where I wanted to move the folder to. Create a new folder with selected photos. I used to just click on the...
  6. Michael Naylor

    64bit Catalina Released

    MacOS Catalina is available for download as of today. Problem is, there are no less than 11 (eleven) 32bit Adobe Apps lurking on my system. Any thoughts? Has anyone braver than I discovered if LR and PS still works?
  7. Steve Palmer

    Screen Changes

    Operating System: Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC 7.0.1 Has anyone come across this problem? Lightroom is causing my Mac screens to change away from Lightroom sometimes on app start and sometimes when using Lightroom. It particularly...
  8. mantra

    photoshop cc scratch disk question on osx sierra question

    Hi i run photoshop cc 2018/2017 and cc 2015 under sierra last built osx my machine has 32GB of ram , and i bought a second ssd for scratch disk i have setup photoshop to use this second scratch disk well i started photoshop cc open a raw file or a jpg , while it's open and running , i gave...
  9. Dr. Nikita G. Olenin

    Bit Issue - Step-like grades after new MacOS installation .

    There are strange 16-bit-like grades in Develop mode in Lightroom appeared after MacOS Sierra was installed. There wasn't that issue before. In Library mode that's all ok. Maybe somebody met this problem and has a solution? :) Grazie!