1. nremy1984

    Battery life with MacBook Pro M1 when using Lightroom Classic?

    HI everyone, I am curious to know how long you can work on Lightroom Classic (rating photos, editing RAWs) on the new M1 Macbook Pros? Reasoning of my question: I have kept using my late-2013 MabookPro 15in, with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, a solid configuration at the time. However, I noticed my...
  2. S

    LR Classic 9.1 on MBP 15” late 2013: fan at top speed continuously

    Hello all, Fan quickly starts blowing towards top speed upon starting LR 9.1 with my precious years-and-years-upgraded main LR catalog. Activity monitor shows a process called WindowServer rising to 90-100% CPU. After quitting LR this process goes down a bit in CPU% but keeps active at much...
  3. LIN

    From MacBook to iMac

    Good Morning everyone. Thankyou for all your great input and output on this forum, it looks like I may get the help I need here to solve this issue (Fingers crossed) I am a user of the now old Lightroom3 but it works great for me and it is mine, I own a canon 60d and import photos via usb lead...
  4. A

    External drive going between Apple Macbook and Windows desktop

    I'm trying to help a friend who has got an error pop up "lrcat=0bytes" (or something close to this). He works with an external drive between a Macbook and a Windows desktop. Having spent the day Saturday on the laptop, he spent Sunday on the desktop. Monday morning has thrown up the error...
  5. D

    Lr crashing & refusing to open -- re-install advice?

    Dear all As of today, when I try to open Lr 5 on my macbook, I get a "Problem Report for Lr", which tells me that "Lr quit unexpectedly". Nothing else happens, and Lr won't open. This happens whether I try to open by clicking the Lr icon in my dock or by clicking a catalog, and whichever...