m1 mac

  1. D

    New version of Lightroom Classic is uncontrollable

    This is likely my fault, but LRC is now not responding to G to go to Grid, only shows one photo, and does not show the tabs on each side (pressing Tab doesn't work either). The top bar disappears unless I hover over the top, so I took a screen snap. Help menu does not work either, however it is...
  2. Jon Busby

    Question regarding the new Apple M1

    Hi everyone My MacBook Air (2017) is nearing its end of life :( I am considering a new one with the M1 chip. Most of the affordable options only come with 8gb of RAM. Normally LR Classic should be run on at least 16gb's. Does the M1 chip make up for the difference in terms of performance? I do...
  3. R

    Plug in for show focus point for M1 iMAC

    Does anyone know of a plug in which shows the focus point in an image which supports the new M1 iMac. Thankyou. iMac running 11.5.2, 16MB