1. S

    IPad App to display photo portfolio

    Hello All Is it me or has there been no new Portfolio Apps for iPad over the last 10 years or more? I can find posts going back more than 10 years but I cannot seem to find any more recent (in the last few years or so) talking about products that have been released. I am looking for...
  2. Antonio Correia

    Color management / Color Matching

    Good day everybody ! :) I am having trouble printing from LR. I printed a sheet and found all colours to be wrong. :( I thought everything was OK but no, it is not ! The problem is that I do not know how to turn OFF the Colour Management in the print dialogue, even if I have been Googling for...
  3. R

    LRCC Slow to open and load images

    I have a mid 2017 imac 27 inches with 40 GB ram and 1tb Fusion drive with 40% free space. I have the latest version of LRClassic ver 9.4 . Startup of LR is too slow and then it takes time load images I have optimised my catalog which resides in my system HDD and catalog size is 3gb with...
  4. KellyMobley

    LR Corrupt Catalog

    Hi friends, I am looking for guidance on resolving my corrupt LR Catalog. I work from a MAC desktop, with the latest software update - OS Mojave 10.14.3. I use LR Classic CC and am up to date on that too. I recently dismounted my Gtech external drive for travel and today when I returned home...
  5. L

    Searching and Filter Functionality

    Hi, I've loaded 4 years of photos in LR CC. Each year is an album. In LR Classic I've extensively used keywords and retained them in LR CC. In Classic I have a number of Collections for projects, holidays, etc. Adobe seems to be suggesting that in LR CC creating further albums (collections) is...
  6. R

    LR CC too slow to startup

    I have a 2011 imac with 1 tb HDD ( 50 % full), 12 gb ram . I have LR cc installed. The catalog is on the main drive but images are on external hdd. the size of the catalog is about 2.5gb LR CC takes 10 minutes to start. This delay is only for startup but after that working on images there is no...
  7. L

    Smart previews

    Smart previews were built during downloading files to LRCC/6 but upon reopening the program later they were no longer visible. Does anyone know why they aren't appearing or how I can find them?
  8. P

    File Size Not Accepted in LR CC2015

    I've encountered a problem that has not happened to me before. While I understand that LRCC 2015 does not currently accept and read "PSB" files - PS's format for"big" files, those larger than 2Gs, normally with such PSB files I open them in PS Creative Cloud and re-save them as a "TIFF". Up to...