1. R

    Catalogs Opening lrcat file in another programming language

    I want to make a few changes to exposure, etc. from another software/script. This is a part of my automation workflow. Is there a way to do that? Some software seems to do that.
  2. paulgodard

    lrcat file missing - no recent backup - urgent help needed

    Hi For the first time since I use LRclassic from v1, my main catalog folder was missing when I opened LRc today. I found it in the bin BUT the lrcat file is not there. I really can not understand how this could have happened. OK "maybe" I was distracted and I trashed the folder but then how is...
  3. L

    How many historic versions of lrcat backups to keep?

    I have 247 "lrcat" backup files, including several with filename "Lightroom" and they span different versions of Lightroom. I'm trying to clean up and recover some disk space but don't want to inadvertently remove backups needed to recover a catalog. These files were...
  4. B

    Renamed files after being accidentaly deleted and recovered

    Hi all, Yesterday I accidentally deleted all of my wife's raw pictures from her hard disk. After the initial shock, I bought a recovery tool and I managed to restore all the files. Fe During the process of recovering deleted files, the old file name information is usually lost. This means that...
  5. achrysos

    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong discussion forum to post this question to, but it's the most appropriate one I could see. I am trying to use some python and sql to extract different aspects of my LR catalogue. Does anybody know how I can extract the file size of the images in my database, and...
  6. S

    LRcat with folded white page, No LR Icon

    I recently installed LR CC on a new computer and transferred my LR 5.7 catalog to the new computer. My file hierarchy (PC) is Computer>OS(C:)>Users>Susan>My Pictures>Lightroom. Inside the "Lightroom" folder I have 2 yellow folders called Lightroom 5 Master Catalog-2 Previews.lrdata and...
  7. XavierB

    Can I selectively restore developer settings for some photos from a catalog backup?

    I'm getting frustrated with this. I can't find a practical way of solving what I've done. I was tired and, rather than reorganize into date files some older photos in my catalog, I decided to delete them and import them again, and let LR 6.1 automatically set them into date files. As I clicked...