1. K

    Reinstalling LR 6 on a new computer

    Any recommendations for installing LR6 on a new Mac; I have the key code, but my old computer crashed so I wasn't able to transfer from the old computer to the new>
  2. L

    Upgrading to LrC and keeping LR6

    I am about to upgrade from LR 6.0 to Lightroom Classic, finally! My LR photos and and catalog are backed up on an external HD. I sell my work, so always need access to my photo files. Experience has taught me things don't always go as expected, so I'd like a "back up" plan during this...
  3. CJR

    I need a copy of Lightroom 6

    Good day goo people, I am looking for a copy of Lightroom 6. I paid for this program at the time and I registered it under my My Account with Adobe. Despite the fact that it was promissed by Adobe that the program would always be available for download, this is however not possible. I find...
  4. Y

    Using DNG in LR6 longterm

    Hello Two scenarios: New Camera --> DNG --> LR6 --> Crop/Straighten --> Print New Camera --> Lightroom Classic--> Crop/Straighten --> Print Will I see any difference? Obviously, LR6 doesn't have features (eg dehaze) that LR Classic does. But, I don't care for the new features. I actually...
  5. renapearl

    LR vs LRC

    Hi, for many years I have used LR 6, and over the week-end I downloaded a trial of LRC - I cannot see much difference - nothing in the interface, and only a Dehaze and Color Grading option. I'm wondering if it is really worth paying monthly for LRC. One reason I thought to go to LRC was because...
  6. M

    Installation of LR6 on new laptop

    I had to buy a new laptop as the old one packed up. I had LR6 programme on it, but all the photos were on an external Hard Drive. I've been able to install LR6 on the new laptop (via the adobe website). How do I now link lightroom on the new laptop to the photos etc on the external HD? Thank you
  7. M

    LR6.14 sudden incredibly slow performance; on Mac ~ possibly solved

    Running LR 6.14 on Mac mini 2018 (6 core, 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM). OS: Mojave 10.4.6. Monitor: LG 27UK850 UHD. Until today I've been very happy with LR performance. As I don't have much RAM inevitably there is a Swap file in use especially with a few big apps open but with the Mac's SDD it is still...
  8. S

    Wanted - looking to buy LR6 licence from anyone who’s now upgraded to CC

    Hi, I’ve a version of Lightroom 5 that I’m still using, however, I wish to utilise Negative Lab Pro and I see that it requires Lightroom 6 or newer. Does anyone have a Lightroom 6 installation with serial key that they’d like to sell? I expect with limited compatibility for newer operating...
  9. nIkedoni1a

    Using LR6 on two Computers

    On a desktop mac at home I started editing images in LR6 that I have stored on an internal drive. I am traveling and want to continue working with images in that folder so I exported that folder "export as catalog" to a external drive. I have LR6 installed on my MacBook and want to continue...
  10. SMP

    Lr 6 crashing on Mac High Sierra

    Operating System:Mac High Sierra IOS 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lr v6.0 Hi I am after some advice, Lr keeps crashing on me when operating in the develop module. It doesn't matter what slider to tool I select it will just randomly crash and keeps doing it. I have...
  11. JeannetteB

    Upgrade Lightroom 5 to 6

    Operating System:win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.2 Hi all. I’m new here so please bear with me as I learn to navigate the site. I’ve just upgraded LR from v5.2 to LR 6.0. I thought that the upgrade would override v5. It seems that I now have both versions installed...
  12. A

    Subscription Pricing--and now what?

    After 10 years of LR, starting from the first beta, it's now time to switch. The subscription model and force to use their cloud is a clever move to make more money with the existing customer base. But this is not future proof for me, as I don't want to get locked in. (plus price is at least 3x...
  13. T


    Operating System: MAC 0S Lightroom Version: 6 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: BOUGHT THE UPGRADE 79BUCKS...DOWNLOADED....tried to save in dock..but it never does...and I cannot find I have to reinstall...
  14. G

    My Nikon D500 photos NEF/RAW cannot be seen on LR 6 Why ? Thanks for helping me out

    Buona sera, Good evening Why is it that I cannot see my nikon d 500 pictures (nef - raw format size : 5588 x 3716) neither on nikon view neither on the new Lightroom 6 program (purchased yesterday) Both programs are stating that the pictures are not available (= invisible) (not as a...
  15. L

    Purchased LR6 Standalone, but now shows as Trial

    For the last 3 days I have been on live chats with Adobe but problem still not solved. A bit of background: I could not find a way of purchasing the standalone as Adobe are intent on keeping it hidden for whatever reason. So I went on live chat, they gave me a link, I paid, I downloaded...
  16. L

    LR6 freezes when plugging in any external device

    I installed a new Radeon HD6450 Graphics card on Wednesday. (Meets specifications as best as I can tell). Since then, if I plug anything (external hard drive or memory card reader) into any of my 4 USB ports, LR6 freezes up within seconds. If I try to close LR or click on any another window...
  17. Bushbaby

    LR 6 will not install after uninstalling

    I recently upgraded from LR6.7 to LR6.8, which has turned out to be a disaster. Since LR6.8 was very buggy on my Mac, running OS Sierra. I decide to uninstall LR with the LR uninstaller with a view to rolling back to LR6.7. For some reason, I am now not able to install LR6. I get the attached...
  18. R

    Can I Install Lightroom 6 on standalone system without adobe ID?

    Good afternoon everyone, I have been searching through the discussions and haven't been able to find anything that looks similar to my issue. I have two standalone networks of computers that are for training purposes. One network is a Virtualization setup with thin clients and the other is...
  19. B

    Are some images missing?

    I have all my images stored on a separate hard drive with folders storing different categories. In the library mode, LR reports "Folder F: 6983 of 7128 photos / 1 selected." Folder F is the entire drive - including all folders. That indicates there are another 145 images that are not being...
  20. IdahoStat

    Import fail w/2nd backup

    Hello I just had this fail as I tend to make a redundant backup till my primary is back up. Seems this is recent since the 6.4 update, as I found notes on Adobe mentioning this. Temporary work around is to uncheck "Make a second copy to:" box. Anyone have work around? I expect "A" will sort...
  21. D

    Lightroom Import and Nikon D810

    Help please. I normally shoot RAW (NEF) with Nikon D810 and use LR happily up to that point. On a one off trip I wish to set camera to RAW+JPG Normal with a CF in the primary (RAW) slot as usual. I will then put an SD card in the secondary slot (JPG) While on trip I would transfer the JPG to...