1. J

    Migrating from Lr4 (Mac) to LR CC (Win10)

    I've been running Lightroom 4 on a Mac Mini (OSX 10.9.5) for the past 6 years and now have Lr CC on my Dell XPS13 laptop running Windows 10 Pro. What's the best way for me to transfer all of my LIghtroom data (16k+ raw and jpg images) from the old Mac to the new Windows machine? I'm really...
  2. ClaudiaPhotoartist

    LR 4 to Nik & Back to LR4 not showing up

    Ok, please be kind. I had no idea that once I saved a file in PS, I could go back to LR. I just saved it in a new folder. This has been going on for years :( I usually can find what I want through key words but not lately. Here is my problem: I have the latest plugins with Topaz and I'll...
  3. D

    Migrate from LR 4.1 to LR 6

    Hello, I am using LR version 4.1 and I want to buy the latest version (not-CC version). LR 6 will be able to open my catalogs and preserve all information in develop module for edited photos? Is there anything important I need to know before I upgrade, or I can just install the new version...
  4. P


    HI, I am changing from a PC to a Mac and just loaded LR4 on my Mac. The color sort filters are not showing in the filter area, nor is there an option for a color filter in the filter drop down menu. I am able to give an image a filter color, a star, and a pick and an x, but am unable to sort...